Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Are Short Witherspoon twilight 745094 infobox f7023ecd featured

Not only does the Winter Solstice mark the beginning of winter, it also happens to be the shortest day of the year. On the Winter Solstice, the day is short and the night is long. In fact, if you lived at the North Pole, you wouldn't see any sunlight on this day. And while a short day may not be all that much fun, we can still find a reason to be happy. Let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Are Short.


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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in November Anne hathaway 51b8fb infobox c8c9f365 featured

It is said that people born in the month of November are very much their own people, very unique. They might not be the most talkative people in the room, but they have no problem making friends. Sure, those born in the 11th month of the year might be a touch secretive, but who among us doesn't have some secrets? And of course, those born in this month are also very, very, very hot. Now that the stuffing is eaten and the pie pans are back in the cabinet, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in November.


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Myla Dalbesio caught topless at photoshoot Taxi Driver Movie

Isabeli Fontana wet see-through t-shirt The Nip Slip

Jordy Murray makes love not war Drunken Stepfather

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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities in Comic Book Movies Johansson iron2 hd s 03 infobox 44bf3e67 featured

On the 25th day of the month of September, we celebrate one of the grandest nerd holidays of all: National Comic Book Day! Of course, I don't have to tell you guys about it, I'm sure you have already sent your invites for the big party you're going to have with all your friends. So let's honor those awesome comic book superheroes and supervillains by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities in Comic Book Movies!


Top Ten Hottest Celebrity "Moons" Johansson under the skin 742481 infobox bf3ad40c featured

Earlier we honored the solar eclipse by check out the hottest celebrities in the sun, but that's only part of the equation. To have a solar eclipse, you have to the moon passing in front of the sun. So to completely honor that great event in cosmic history, we have to do the second half. We have to count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Moons!


Top Ten Hottest Animated Celebrities Mila kunis f026e0 infobox a956e7f3 featured

While some people believe that simply doing the voice of an animated character is some of the easiest acting anyone could do, that couldn't be farther from the truth. It's just your voice and nothing else - you have to try and get across complex emotions with nothing but your pipes. It's a tough gig, but when done right, it can make a lasting impression. For all their hard work, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Animated Celebrities!


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities on Broadway Glee britney michele hd 06 infobox 480f5e7f featured

If you aren't an avid theater lover, then odds are you probably didn't know that The American Theatre Wing gave out the Tony Awards last weekend to honor the best and brightest on Broadway. And while there are many of us who can't name a single a play on Broadway, there have been quite a few celebrities who have a graced the stage. 

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Plus the amazing lesbian 69ing in The Handmaiden!

Let's Count the Way Scarlett Johansson Is Beautiful P3cm51ao cd235d7d featured

Oh, Scarlett Johansson, you are so beautiful, let me count the ways. Your face is that of a goddess, your skin looks like the purest silk, your eyes are greener than a sea of grass, and your boobs are just friggin' awesome.


Scar-Jo Says No-No To Monogamy Johansson under the skin 742489 infobox 2d8ed704 featured

While there was a brief moment of disappointment when I heard Scarlett Johansson was in Playboy, but only being interviewed, upon hearing her views on monogamy my frown turned upside down. Apparently Scar-Jo isn't down with that. And to that I say, more power to you Scarlett Johansson.

Check Out Scarlett Johannson in the Latest Teaser for "Ghost In The Shell"! Ghost d35e5418 featured

That bodysuit...otherworldly!

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Scarlett Johansson Is Single Johansson under the skin 742489 infobox df6ffd4e featured

Every so often you hear something that makes you want to jump for joy but also gives you a heavy heart. And that's how I think we all felt when we learned that Scarlett Johansson is now single. You hate to see a relationship end, but at the same time, Scarlett Johansson is single again.


Get Ready for a Huge Nerd Boner from Scarlett Johansson in "Ghost in the Shell" Screen shot 2016 11 14 at 10.59.20 am featured

Being the complete and total nerd that I am, I can remember watching Japanese animation - or anime as the cool kids called it - Ghost in the Shell and being totally blown away by what I seeing. It would seem that the live action version is probably going to blow me away as well, but that might just be due to what Scarlett Johansson is wearing… or not wearing.

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