Pilar Montenegro Is Someone To Cry For

Smoldering at us from the pages of Playboy Argentina, we’re pretty sure Pilar Montenegro would be a great cause to cry for. We would certainly be moved to tears if we got the chance to see her naked in person. But for now, dry your eyes and peruse these fantastic shots of Pilar on a boat! Pilar hugging a wooden beam! Pilar... read more

Jessa Hinton (Playboy’s Cyber Club)

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Brandi Lynn (Playboy’s Cyber Club)

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Mercede Johnston Gets Primal And Political In Playboy

It’s not that we want to take sides in the Johnston/Palin showdown, but they keep making us do so. And by “they,” we mean the Johnstons. Because they keep getting naked, and we can’t help but love them for it. Here’s Levi’s sister Mercede doing her part for the cause. Hey, remember that time we... read more

Anna Sophia Berglund (Playboy’s Cyber Club)

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Daisy Lowe’s Playboy Spread Does Not Disappoint

When we first heard that Daisy Lowe was modeling for Playboy, we were excited—and then a little nervous. Because as phenomenal as a combination of the offspring of Hugh Hefner and Gavin Rossdale might be—well, let’s just say that Playboy’s had a pretty good record of squandering amazing potential lately. But... read more

The Long, Naked Road That Leads To Daisy Lowe In Playboy

So, we heard that Daisy Lowe is going to be in the September issue of Playboy. Awesome! It’s not like we haven’t seen her naked before, but we’re still excited, and we feel like we’ve been with her every step of the way. We did it! But what will the pictures look like? We’ve seen a lot of celebrities... read more

Lizzy Jagger, Playboy Cover Girl

Like her mother before her, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Jagger is on the cover of Playboy. Of course, whether or not she’s actually naked within the pages of Playboy is as of yet unknown. So far the only shots we’ve seen have featured Lizzy with her hair artfully draped over her nipples…and though we’d like... read more

The 1990s Were So Kind To Sherilyn Fenn

And in December of 1990, Playboy magazine was extremely kind to us when they published a naked photoshoot that Ms. Fenn did with them. They call her an “oh-so-nineties reincarnation of Ava Gardner,” and that made us laugh. Then we agreed. The point is, our obsession with everything Sherilyn Fenn is well-documented on... read more

A Sneak Peek At Karina Smirnoff’s Playboy Spread

If you’re a fan of “Dancing With The Stars,” we have some exciting news for you: Karina Smirnoff totally posed naked for Playboy! And we have the pictures right here. Alternately: if (like us), you’ve never watched “Dancing With The Stars,” we have some equally exciting news for you. We have... read more

Playboy.com Offers Three Free Live Events This Week

Well, apparently St. Patrick’s Day has put Hugh Hefner in the giving spirit: he’s offering fans not one, but three chances to get a free peek inside the Playboy Mansion…and a chance to watch Playmates in their natural habitat. We’re not 100% sure what’s involved in the three day event (which starts... read more

Playboy Celebrates The Oscars With Boobs

As you may be aware, last night marked the occasion of the 83rd Academy Awards (or Oscars, if you’re nasty). And what better way to celebrate than by recreating the posters of movies never recognized by the Academy? Oh sure, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Maybe recreate posters of movies that actually won... read more

Too Early For A Jenna Jameson Retrospective?

Remember these? How long has it been since Jenna Jameson has been making movies, appearances, and masturbatory fantasies? Even the way her name sits in the mouth has a retro feel to it. So how old is this picture? Not that old actually. As far as we can tell, it might be from 2009. Heck, Jenna Jameson was still making movies last... read more

Juliana Goes Goes Naked

We were tempted to make some “See Spot Run” joke involving her name (Juliana Goes, Go, Juliana!) but we figured that’s immature and disrespectful of the woman whose panty-peeling antics are bringing such joy into our lives. Ok, we will make one joke. “Who goes to the sexy store?” “Juliana... read more

Playboy Mexico Highlights The Curves Of Arleth Teran

You don’t have to be a fan of Mexican soap operas to appreciate Playboy Mexico’s spread of Arleth Teran…but it probably wouldn’t hurt, either. You know what else wouldn’t hurt? Being a huge fan of pictures of naked women.... read more

Business Up Front, Party In The Shower

Playmate Football... read more

Kendra Wilkinson Has A New Sex Tape… Involving A Lady

She’s back! Actually, her ex-boyfriend is. He was in the first sex tape, “Kendra Exposed.” Now he’s peddling his camera-operating skills, having captured Kendra go muff-diving with her friend, Taryn. It’s called “The Girl Next To The Girl Next Door.” At least that’s what we hope they... read more

Champion Swimmer Breast Strokes Into The Pages Of Playboy

Let’s face it: being a championship swimmer is nice…but it’s nothing compared to the high that comes from knowing that people are ogling your naked body in Playboy. Just ask Liuza Hrynewicz (next month, when her issue’s out).... read more

Telenovela Hottie Vanessa Arias Poses For Playboy

In a more just world, American TV stars would be more like their Mexican counterparts: wiling to strip down and pose nude at the drop of a hat (or at least as soon as we started fantasizing about them). Alas, that’s probably still a pipe dream (for now, anyway), but at least we have lovely telenovela stars like Vanessa Arias... read more

Yes, That’ll Do Nicely

Kylie Johnson... read more