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The act of mooning can actually be traced back to the 1st century AD when Roman troops would flash their buns on the battlefield. The tradition has continued from the battlefield to live stage shows to ways to insult the Queen. Even though there is some debate on where the term "moon" comes from (some say it was from students in the 1960s to a random book in the 1700s to James Joyce), one thing that is for sure is that mooning is still pretty great.


Mr. Skin Podcast Episode 58: Amy Schumer's Breast and a Phoebe Cates Flash(back) Podcast blogs 08152017 e4903817 featured

TV nudity came through this week in a big way, thanks to a hot, slightly Sapphic, orgasmic threesome in Insecure and the return of Jessica's absolutely beautiful booty in The Sinner.

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When we think of the 1980s we think of hair bands, the brat pack, and shoulder pads. Yes, it was an interesting and probably crazy time to be alive. But instead of looking back on this time and thinking "why did I think that looked good?" look back and think "man, there were some really great boobs!" To help you change your thinking, here are the Top Ten Hottest Boobs of the 1980s!


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Well, it's that time of year again. No, not that - I'm talking about the time of year when no matter what channel you flip to you will find some kind of Christmas movie or holidays special or classic episode of something celebrating some holiday. There is nothing any of us can do to avoid it. So, it is in that spirit that we decided to make this season just a little bit brighter by counting down the Top Ten Holiday Movie Hotties.

Top Ten Sexiest Pool Scenes Green sin city a dame to kill for 747970 infobox featured

There is probably nothing better than a day at the pool. It doesn’t even have to be the hottest day of the year - the pool can be inside or outside. There is just something wonderful about jumping in that clear water that makes you feel all better. So, to honor that wonderful invention known as the pool, we thought we should countdown the Top Ten Sexiest Pool Scenes.

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Want more celebrity skin, supermodel nudity, and pornographic comings and goings on the Internet? Here are some Fleshbot-approved links that will supplement your insatiable desires for all things nude and naughty.

Rabbits Reviews gives WOW Porn a 77% (rabbitsreviews.com)

Mia Khalifa puts Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams on blast (sex.com)

Lucy Collett removes her sexy black lingerie (egotasticallstars.com)

13 Reasons you should follow Lindsey Pelas on Instagram (hollywoodtuna.com)

Mr. Skin's salute to birthday girl Phoebe Cates (mrskin.com)

Busty Vivien is trapped at the beach (boobieblog.com)

Nice melons, ladies (doubleviking.com)

Jessica Simpson cleaves out in a white swimsuit (steakwood.com)

Rebecca Dayan's topless photo shoot (drunkenstepfather.com)

Victoria Hervey topless on a yacht (taxidrivermovie.com)

J-Lo nips out in NYC (thenipslip.com)

Her post-yoga cool down involves getting nude (wtfpeople.com)

A Look At Some Films With "The Longest Stretches Of Onscreen Nudity" Browning sleeping n 07 featured

Nudity in film is a tradition that we can all get behind. Even sites that don't specialize in film nudity have been getting in on the act of late. A site called Buzzave (link below) decided to take a look at "7 Films with the Longest Onscreen Nudity," and their list hits some of the big ones, but also makes some bizarre choices.

AlterNet's Best Movie Masturbation Moments Cates fasttimes hd b 12 featured

AlterNet has apparently got masturbation on the brain after seeing the new film Wetlands. It prompted them to list their ten favorite masturbation scenes on film, and while they nailed a lot of the big ones like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, there are a few they missed...

RetroNudity: Phoebe Cates In "Paradise" Xlarge 6088480190389e751a86c1100d448e9f web

RetroNudity: Phoebe Cates And Jennifer Jason Leigh In "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" Xlarge f8e2c770d7281c7785aebd8f03f56f5b web