Love the Curly Hair and Nudity, Gillian Anderson 63522560 ga 1 efb1f4fb featured

Don't know what it is about curly hair that makes people look like some much fun. Maybe it's the bounce, maybe it's all the twists, or maybe it's the nude Gillian Anderson, but there is something about curly hair that I just love so damn much. Can't seem to put my finger on my, but guess it doesn't matter all that much.

A Naked Alicia Silverstone Could Be Used to Promote Many Causes Idyirra featured

Whether you are a meat eater, a fur wearer, or a vegan, one thing we can all agree is on is that PETA makes some really great ads. And this one, featuring a completely nude Alicia Silverstone showing off her rather awesome ass, might be the best one they’ve ever done.

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Pink Poses Nude For PETA Ad in Support Of Her New Found Love Of Furlessness Pink 1024 featured

We've seen Pink nearly naked a time or two throughout her career, but each and every time that we get the opportunity to see her in the buff it's still a pleasant surprise! This time around, Pink is giving us all a birds eye view of her hot un-clothed bod in support of her new found love for animals. By that, I mean that she claims that she no longer thinks it's alright to rock a fur jacket, and we couldn't agree more! The less clothes, the better.