James Deen Has A Case Of “MILF Mania!!!!”–And Sex Is The Only Cure

Oct 09, 13 James Deen Has A Case Of “MILF Mania!!!!”–And Sex Is The Only Cure

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Just how bad is James’s MILF mania? So bad that it compelled him to use a full four exclamation points in the title of the film documenting his affliction.

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Because We Love A Mom Who’s TCB And DTF

Nov 19, 12 Because We Love A Mom Who’s TCB And DTF

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Moms are some of the most TCB-type (that’s short for “Takin’ Care of Business”, as popularized by Elvis) folks we know. How do they get so many darn things accomplished in the day? Working a demanding job, rearing polite and well-mannered children, lookin’ fly and making stellar sandwiches all the while. And some of them even manage to squeeze a boisterous gangbang into the mix! Those have our particular admiration and respect.

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Porn For Straight Girls: Dear Wolf Hudson

Every time I write about a movie that you’re in, my column turns into a fan letter disguised as a review, so I decided that today I’m just going to dispense with all that nonsense and address this directly to you. It’s about that time you got fucked by a MILF wearing a strap-on. In case this happens a lot for you,... read more

Payton Leigh Takes One For The Team

We’re not sure what team it is, but their locker room conveniently had a gym mat on the floor. Way to be prepared, boys! You never know when a MILF might show up wanting to fuck you. Is a MILF still a MILF if you’re the same age as she? We’re having trouble placing the gentleman in this scene. His hair and his... read more

To MILFs, All Fat-Cocked Men Are Merely "Cougar’s Prey"

Pool cleaners, young upwardly mobile professionals, and barely legal boys of all walks of life: beware the wily, witching ways of the experienced cougar. She doesn’t care about you, she only wants to suck you dry! Cougar’s Prey Volume 4 Studio: Reality Junkies Director: Bobby Manilla Cast: Diana Prince, Raylene, Payton... read more

The Secret Lives Of MILFs

Ever wonder how bored suburban moms pass the time between taking the kids to school and dropping them off at soccer practice? Well, they may not all be having orgies with Shane Diesel and his friends…but we can pretend, right? · Buy “Shane Diesel’s MILF Orgy”... read more

"Who’s The Boss? – A XXX Parody": Will Tony And Angela Fuck? Also, Who Is The Boss?

As it turns out, Mona’s hyperactive libido is The Boss. All will be assimilated. Who’s the Boss? – A XXX Parody Studio: New Sensations Director: Lee Roy Myers Cast: Alyssa Reece, Bobbi Starr, India Summer, Payton Leigh, Lexi Belle, Nicole Ray, Anthony Rosano, James Deen, Rocco Reed, Sonny Hicks The cheery opening... read more

“Who’s The Boss: A XXX Parody” Finally Gives Us An Alyssa Of Our Own

Never before in the history of porn parody have we seen such spot on matches to character as we are seeing with New Sensations‘ “Who’s The Boss: A XXX Parody”—which is saying a lot. With so many parody titles in production, it’s hard sometimes to find the right match of XXX pornstar to real life... read more

"Who’s The Boss" Vs. "Who’s The Boss XXX": A Comparison

Katherine Helmond. Judith Light. Alyssa Milano. And hey, even Tony Danza. There’s so much that so fappable in “Who’s The Boss?”, we’re just shocked someone hasn’t porn parodied it sooner. But now that New Sensations is on the case, let’s see who they’ve picked for their... read more

Lisa Ann Gets Her Boy In “Cougar 101″

Wicked Pictures has been busy tracking and categorizing the many sub species of the always elusive female cougar. They’ve even “enlisted” the services of an expert, Professor Vonhassleburg, to get to the bottom of things. Sure, it’s an interesting gimmick to set-up a cougar hunt, but really, it’s... read more

Payton Leigh: Tom Byron’s Unexpected Cougar

Why he was detained by Las Vegas authorities is irrelevant, but Mr. Pete’s failure to make the plane proved a windfall for Tom Byron, who stepped in and got to work with optician-turned-Cougar-pornstress Payton Leigh in “Seasoned Players 10.” As Fleshbot readers, you have sex all the time. In the air, up an alp,... read more

“Cougars Love Kittens” Set To Change Formula, Ends Up In Wrong Section of Video Store

Contrary to what the title suggests, this is not a kid’s film. Faye Reagan may have big doe eyes that suggest innocence and childlike wonder, but make no mistake—she’s a predator! Rawr! Yes, we know that the title of Sin City‘s newest release, “Cougars Love Kittens,” sounds more like a new Disney... read more

Fleshbot Birthday BabesTM: Payton Leigh

Having just spent Christmas vacation being mobbed by mother, aunts, friends’ mothers, and assorted mature women, all we can say is we wish we’d grown up in Payton Leigh’s neighborhood. If we had, we’d be over at her house right now, enthusiastically wishing her a happy, hearty and vigorous 42nd birthday,... read more

“This Aint the Partridge Family XXX” Delivers Handily

That goofy Danny is at it again, hosting the kinds of kinky love orgies you always fantasized about while watching the show. Buckle up for a blast from the past porno style! Director Will Ryder is to the porn parody what Alexander Graham Bell is to the telephone — whether he invented them or not, he’s going down in... read more

“MILF-O-Maniacs”: Nature Or Nurture?

“You have to prepare for the future,” says Tyler Faith, easing into MILF Acceptance after the inevitable Anger. “Milfomania” is not in our DSM-IV, but neither was “Yellow Fever,” and you know how impervious to psychoanalysis that is. Join us after the gap for some snaps of MILFs in various... read more