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Sexy Shannon shares the Tinseltown news!

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Laura Foster topless on the beach Taxi Driver Movie

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Nicole Scherzinger braless in a mesh top Taxi Driver Movie

Ashlen Alexandra topless at the beach The Nip Slip

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Stop what you are doing right now. Just stop looking at something or eating a bagel, whatever it is you are doing you need to stop right this instant. Now that I have your complete attention, please watch this Instagram video of Nicole Scherzinger.

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Nicole Scherzinger in a bikini would have been enough. Nicole Scherzinger getting out of the water onto the back of a boat in a bikini would have been more than enough. But Nicole Scherzinger in a bikini, climbing out of the water onto the back of a boat, and then twerking well… that’s going above and beyond the call of duty.

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Nina Agdal braless in a see-through mesh top Taxi Driver Movie

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Time To Play "Who's The Hottest?" 2016 Golden Globes Edition! O5ldcmm featured

It's hard to believe that the 2016 Award Seasons has already begun, but alas it is here and you know what that means.. It's time to play everyone's favorite game - Who's The Hottest?

Time To Play “Who’s the Hottest,” Halloween Edition Cm featured

Normally when we get a chance to play “Who’s the Hottest,” I’m pretty damn excited, but this time I’m more nervous than anything. For you see, we are about to play “Who’s the Hottest,” Halloween edition. Nothing brings out the sexy in people like a Halloween costume. So let’s jump right in and see if we can name the hottest of Halloween!

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Some people go to the beach to enjoy the sun and embrace the beautiful view of the crystal blue water. But whomever these 'some people' are, they obviously haven't gotten a glimpse of Nicole Scherzinger's sexy topless bikini clad self, and they obviously haven't got to see her fine ass in a sexy super-cheeky set of bikini bottoms! Basically, fuck the beach right now; Nicole Scherzinger topless in a bikini is just plain paradise in itself.

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Remember a couple of months ago when Nicole Scherzinger decided to get drunk and make out with a chick and some lucky bastard got close enough to snap a few photos and tease the fuck out of us all by releasing them to the wonderful world of the internets? Well ever since then, I've been snagging up as many sexy photos of this babe as I can get my hands on, and today I just may say that her nipples look mighty fine in a sheer shirt! So mighty fine in fact that I can't help but wish that she would wear sheer shirts more often. You know, like every god damn day if possible.

Nicole Scherzinger Surfed Her Incredibly Sexy Way Into All Of Our Hearts Ns featured

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Rebecca Shiner flashes her panties and her ass (

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Mo' money, mo' cleavage (

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What Color Are Your Panties, Nicole Scherzinger? Nicole scherzinger 072715 featured

Can Nicole Scherzinger get any hotter? Every time I see a new hot photo of this babe, I can't help but ask. Between possessing an absolutely flawless bod and a beautiful face, Nicole may very well be flawless—and she sure does know a thing or two about giving us one hell of an upskirt view! What color are your panties, Nicole Scherzinger? No need to answer—we'll investigate ourselves.

Nicole Scherzinger Enjoys a Little Bit of Drunken Up-Skirt Lesbian Action Nicole scherzinger 063015 featured

I have this theory that when alcohol is involved, all hot chicks are bound to turn into lesbians. It might just be all of the porn that I've watched in my day, but let's face it; alcohol does have this way of making the straightest babes crave pussy! On this fine occasion, the drunken lesbian in question is none other than the absolutely gorgeous Nicole Scherzinger. Oh, and she's also into showing off her panties too, NBD.

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Ah, Nicole Scherzinger. It's no secret that this woman has the kind of rack that could make anyone want to get down on their knees and stick their face in between it for the rest of their lives. I mean, just look at those boobies! Nicole and those gorgeous bikini boobs of hers are a real life dream.