Alexis Ren Proves Less Is More Tn66nong o e7150796 featured

Typically when people start throwing around the whole "less is more," phrase I tend to tune out. Nine times out of ten less is, in fact, not more. It's less. More is more and less is less that's pretty much the way of the world. But there is that one time when less really is more. When Alexis Ren is wearing less she really is more hot, thus proving that less is, in fact, more.

Shay Mitchell Stuns In Maxim Mexico Sm008 featured

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has been on a bit of whirl ride tour of the world. She recently went to India, jumped out a plane in Dubai, and even took a trip to the happiest place in the world: Disney World. Luckily she found time to be in a pretty hot spread in March 2015 issue of Maxim Mexico. I don’t know if she had to Mexico for the photo spread, but I think we should count this as part of her world tour.

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Eva Longoria Is Glorious On The Cover of Maxim Tnsndg482d1o featured

Pretty soon everyone will able to see Eva Longoria on a weekly basis since she has a new show coming to NBC in the near future. Until then we should all take a moment to enjoy her glorious beauty in the January issue of Maxim Mexico.