Top Ten Hottest 2017 Emmy Snubs Angela sarafyan b3ee1e infobox 574061be featured

As we all know, the 2017 Emmy Nominations were announced recently, and while it's loaded with some very talented and very hot nominees, just like every year, there were some who were left off the list. Instead of sitting around and trying to figure out why in the world someone so deserving and so hot wasn't nominated, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest 2017 Emmy Snubs.


Yes, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Is Sexy as Awlays 44717348 2969157 f6900505 49c74f4f featured

Some days I feel like the only constant thing in my life is my alarm clock. Hell, it goes off even when I don't set it. Even though I always enjoy the guitar riffs of my local classic rock station sometimes, it can't get me ready to the unpredictability of the world I'm about to face. Really, the only thing that can do that is the other constant in life, the hotness of Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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She's preserved for freshness?

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead Made Sure Her Ass Looked Awesome on "Fargo" Mary elizabeth winstead ed9f70 infobox fc0624c8 featured

I have little doubt that Mary Elizabeth Winstead did a bunch of research for her character on the latest season of Fargo (2014-2017). She's a great actress and that's what great actresses do. But she took one step further in preparing for her role. That step was a squat. And she did that squat over and over and over again until her ass looked awesome. 


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Not being one of those lucky people to have three names that sound really cool together, I have always had a bit of jealousy on my part for those who can pull off the whole three names things. I'm not saying that people with three names are cooler than all us simple folks with only two names, but I will say that people with three names tend to be pretty damn cool. They also tend to be some of the hottest, so let's count down the top ten hottest celebrities with three names.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Lingerie Will Give You That Good Trouble Feeling Mew  1  featured

Growing up, whenever I heard all three of my names (Jackson Harold Blackbush) I knew that I was in trouble. So whenever I hear three names, I instantly think someone is trouble. And to this day, I still get that uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach to hear three names like Mary Elizabeth Winstead - but it’s a different kind of trouble.

Which Is Sexier: Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Cleavage or Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Side Boob? Mew1 featured

For many of us, if we had one more issue to resolve, it might push us over the edge. And while I don’t want to add anymore stress to your day, I think we have to try to find an answer to which is sexier - Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s cleavage or Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s side boob?

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Every so often an actor or actress decides they aren’t really famous enough so they start a band. Some of the time their music is mediocre (Zooey Deschanel’s She & Him) at best, but often the band is pretty damn bad (Russell Crowe & The Ordinary Fear of God). But I have a strange feeling that Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s band is pretty damn awesome.