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You ever look at something and you just can't figure it out? Sure, we all had trouble with those posters that you had to stare at to see an object, but I mean you just don't know how it all comes together to work. Maria Menounos is always sexy. Every single time I see her, she's sexy. And she's been sexy for as long as I can remember. How does Maria Menounos do it?


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Just Try to Look Away from Maria Menounos's Bikini Mm1 featured

Maria Menounos in a bikini is something that each of us struggles to look away from. It is, by far, one of the most beautiful sights any of us will be lucky enough to see. But for some reason, this particular striped bikini that Maria Menounos is rocking is making it extra hard to look away.

Maria Menounos Is Sexy No Matter Where She Is Mm2 featured

As I sat here flipping through these sexy pictures of Maria Menounos, I began to wonder if there is a location, a setting, or some random place where you could put Maria Menounos and she wouldn’t be sexy. The short answer is no. The long answer is nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo.

How Does One Describe Seeing Maria Menounos In A Bikini From Behind? Mm featured

Sometimes you see something and you can only really describe what you are seeing by taking a one-syllable word and turning it into a two (or possibly three syllable word). In the case of seeing Maria Menounos from behind in a bikini the only thing one can say is DA-AAMMMMM-NNNNNN.

Maria Menounos in a Bikini Will Make You Want to Celebrate Mm1 featured

I think we would all agree that Maria Menounos is a “woman of the world,” even though we might have disagreements over what the term “woman of the world” actually means. So, it’s not surprising that she would celebrate the Greek Independence Day by holding a Greek flag on a boat while wearing a bikini. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait see how she celebrates the 4th of July.

#TBT Playing Football With a Bikini Clad Maria Menounos Is Hard Enough Without a Vagina Flash Mmss featured

There’s nothing more fun than playing a little football on the beach, but just because it’s a friendly game doesn’t mean you should throw the rules out of the window. So, someone needs to throw a flag for Encroachment on Maria Menounos’s bikini bottoms, because they are jumping offsides and we can see her vagina.

There's A Better Way To Not Get Tan Lines, Maria Menounos Maria menounos featured

You know Maria Menounos, if you are worried about tan lines you could just go topless. I mean, look where your bikini strap landed. You could end up with a weird tan line on your really awesome side boob.

Brooklyn Decker, Charlize Theron, Emilia Clarke, and More: The US Weekly Body Issue Brooklyn decker featured

US Weekly is trying to be known as more than just another useless gossip magazine, and their annual "Hot Hollywood Bodies" issue is certainly helping them improve their image.

It Sure Is Cold Out, Right, Maria Menounos? Mariamenipples web

And it's not just any kind of cold, it's that special bit of intimate windless cool when old man winter creeps by and slowly slips a hand up your thigh. Your skin chills, but no goosebumps form, and only your stiff nipples say anything about the weather. Maria Menounos knows what we're talking about; we have topography to prove it!

Maria Menounos's Nipples Respond To "Gangnam Style" Heysexylady web

Oh, Maria, we love that song, too, so we totally understand why performing PSY's dance in The Grove with a bunch of random people gets you excited. We bet that everybody around you has stiff nipples as well, we just can't see them because we're so focused on you and the things you do.

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A Field Guide To Maria Menounos Mariamenounosfg7 web

We generally make these Field Guides for people when they've recently done something spectacular or when we want to drop fatty amounts of praise upon an unsung hero. In this case, we feel like we've seen Maria Menounos wear so many bikinis that it's unfair of us to go on living a second longer without learning her life story.

Allure Magazine's Look Better Naked Issue Means Spring Is Really Here

Every spring, the trees break forth in beautiful blossoms, the birds migrate back from the south...and Allure manages to convince a handful of gorgeous celebrities to do their first ever nude shoot, under the guise of their annual "Look Better Naked" issue.

Is Your Pussy Pierced, Maria Menounos? 500x mmenounosslip web