Beyond Vaginadome: "The Return Of Post-Apocalyptic Cowgirls"

You can have your Mad Maxes and umpteen resettings of MacBeth; Me? When I envision a postapocalyptic future, I want to know the queers survived. The Return of Post-Apocalyptic Cowgirls Studio: Bleu Productions Director: Maria Beatty Starring: Arcana, Billy Rough, Surgeon Scofflaw, Sophia St. James Music by Lydia Lunch and John... read more

Close Family: Maria Beatty’s "Vampire Sisters"

So rarely do vampire movies examine the preparation required to birth a new immortal. Maria Beatty breaks it down in “Vampire Sisters”: it involves a lot of labia-slapping. Vampire Sisters Studio: Bleu Productions Director: Maria Beatty Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Ariel X Review by: Gram Ponante “I will touch your... read more

Inside The Mind Of Maria Beatty

As long time fans of Maria Beatty’s erotic noir, we are so jealous that Hustler got an interview with her. On the plus side, at least they’re letting us read it for free!... read more

Lust Cinema Adds Even More Sexiness To Its Menu

Lust Cinema just got even lustier: in addition to the work of Erika Lust, it now features erotic work by Kristyan Geyr and the wonderful Maria Beatty. Yes, the indie erotic filmmakers are banding together—next stop, world domination! Wondering what kind of sexiness this acquisition brings to Lust Cinema? Check out the trailer... read more

Postcards From Vegas: Today In Sassy

The amount of photographers hovering greedily here in Nevada tends to put the Meowry on a hair trigger, ready to stick fingers in mouths coquettishly or self-ass-slap on a moment’s notice. But not these girls. Evie Delatosso, Aiden Starr, Charlotte Vale, Dylan Lauren, and Stevie Hart are all signatories with Spiegler Girls, a... read more

Hello “Post-Apocalyptic Cowgirls” In The Sand

These arid extra-lesbians are not your gateway drug “Are They Or Aren’t They?” Thelma And Louise saddlepals, so take heed, pardner of the patriarchy, next you’re piloting your American Motors Corporation vehicle down the 8 through Yuma and you see a gal with her thumb out. Post-Apocalyptic Cowgirls Studio:... read more

Greetings From The “Strap-On Motel”

“Strap-On Motel” is filled with sleight of hand: it is a rare rainy night in L.A., there is a French woman named London, and director Maria Beatty really makes us believe we’re watching actual lesbians … in a porn movie, no less! London walks to a club called Pussy’s where stripper Dylan Ryan waits for... read more

Maria Beatty: “Boy In A Bathtub”

Erotic noir filmmaker Maria Beatty, who fetishizes the 1920s at least as much (maybe more) than the naked ladies in her movies, has got a new one on tap in the form of her first full-length feature “Boy in a Bathtub.” It’s a shadowy gender bender, with an older woman-younger man dynamic and lots of dialogue... read more