Brad Armstrong Unveils His Mega Epic "Speed"

Biker gangs, gun play, stunts, trick riding, special effects, fight scenes, super action, and hot sex with top shelf porn stars collide in this sprawling tale of club life. “Speed” is, in a word, perfect. This mega epic starts with jessica drake being let out of prison and saying goodbye to her girls. The deputy walks... read more

Stormy Daniels Gets Filthy In A "Fairy Tale"

If we told you that Stormy Daniels headlines a porn movie featuring hot sex between beautiful people with insatiable appetites, would you accuse us of spinning a yarn? Sit back and let us knit you a sweater then. Michael Raven is a real mainstream crossover success story, the likes porn hasn’t seen since Gregory Dark. With so... read more

One Look At Jessica Drake And We’re "Hooked"

How many times have you walked into a strange place and wanted to be someone else? Like a fireman, or a police officer, or a prostitute? Come on. Quick show of hands. Seriously. Who here hasn’t thought of secretly becoming a high paid hooker on the down low after hours just for the cheap thrills of it? We know we certainly... read more

You Are Free To Move About the C(o)untry: "Passenger 69"

A boobie-filled takeoff (get it?) on “Passenger 57,” Bluebird’s loose (get it???) parody takes the usual opportunities to get the sex happening on a plane but also invents some new ones. Passenger 69 Studio: Bluebird Films Director: Marc Twain Starring: Lindsey Dawn McKenzie, Madelyn Marie, Jennifer Dark, Puma... read more

Stormy Cashes In On Meteorological Implications Of Stage Name In New Release

What happens when writer, producer, director, performer, and part-time politician Stormy Daniels plays a dumped and dismissed weather girl in search of romantic comedy style love? We predict hot sex with a chance of squirt showers. First of all, let’s get the story part of this review over with. We’re just going to say... read more

Stormy Daniels Besieged By "Sex, Lies, And Spies"

Seems like Stormy Daniels has been busy. Between being a full time pornstar and turning Republican with a potential bid for Congress, we don’t know how she fit in being a spy—but she did. “Sex, Lies, and Spies” is her latest Wicked Pictures release. Directed by fellow performer Marcus London, it features Miss... read more

"Couples" Still "Seducing Teens" At Alarming Rate

Thanks to Matt Morningwood and Pink Visual, the time honored plundering of our nation’s legal teen youth by horny couples has at long last been exposed. In fact, they’re now in their fifteenth volume. Take a look. Who can forget the first time their partner suggested that they spice up their relationship with a legal... read more

Stormy Daniels Examines "What Went Wrong"

Some people are just addicted to the rush. Like a moth addicted to the flame, they live for that sweet, slow burn, the infatuation of the pretty light’s ephemeral dance. Few think to ask, “And then what?” After the initial fire has burned out, out there somewhere past the hot sweaty nights of torrid sex that sear... read more

“Vampiress”: Waiting To Impale

We try to steer you right here at Fleshbot, even when our judgment is momentarily clouded by personal friendships, advertising dollars, or cocaine. That is why we’ll tell you that “Vampiress” is a horrible movie but it has its charms. Ava Rose and girlfriends go on a birthday adventure to Raven Castle, whispered to... read more

Stormy Daniels, “Reinvented”

Anything that features both the luscious beauty Stormy Daniels and the stunning Alektra Blue really doesn’t need much of an introduction. Which is a shame, because their latest movie “Reinvented” is both clever and well made. Much of the story line, which features Stormy playing the pretty, dedicated, hard-working... read more

“2040″: Alektra Blue Is A Real Doll

It is 2040 and sex with humans just isn’t safe. Three decades ago (holy shit that’s next year !!!) a perfect storm of diseases converged to produce “a worldwide pandemic of epic proportions.” What will this do to Love? Studio: Wicked Director: Brad Armstrong Cast: Alektra Blue, Randy Spears, jessica drake,... read more

Kagney Linn Karter Astonishes Us In "This Ain’t Hells Kitchen XXX"

The seemingly endless parade of porn parodies continues this month with the long awaited release of Hustler’s “This Ain’t Hells Kitchen XXX.” Who doesn’t love a parade, so long as they don’t have to clean up afterward? Unlike the disturbing lyrical imagery of Jim Morrison’s “Soft... read more

Welcome To The “House Of Wicked”

In the summer popcorn blockbuster “House of Wicked” (this reviewer found it way more satisfying than “Terminator,” “Wolverine,” and “Star Trek”), each of the Wicked contract women (I feel they would be offended to be called girls) gets her own vignette and a couple of guys. House of... read more

“Nina Hartley’s Guide To Simultaneous Orgasms” (It’s Not A Myth)

When we first got our hands on “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms,” we were like: “Oh great. Nina Hartley’s Guide to Finding Unicorns?” But truth be told, we were blown away by this DVD. First of all, Nina Hartley is fucking adorable. She’s smart, charming and genuinely cares... read more

Teen Seduction: Couples Still Doing It

If I were Yakov Smirnov (and who says I’m not?) I might be tempted to say, “Those couples are always seducing teens ha ha ha!” Indeed, through ten segments of Pink Visual’s almost-believable “reality” series in which porn stars pretend to be real people, it sometimes seems just about plausible... read more