Kate Upton Doing Britney Spears. That Is All. Screen shot 2017 04 19 at 8 17 26 am b8d90712 featured

Well, I think we are done. I don't know if there is anything else that we can hope to achieve, hope to create, or hope to discover in this world. I'm not saying we all need to jump off a bridge, but we can all die happy now because Kate Upton will be doing Britney Spears on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle and these few moments of her crawling on the floor in a school girl outfit are... are... everything.


Sarah Hyland Goes for Upskirt Pussycat Doll Action on Lip Sync Battle Sarah hyland lip sync battle episode 308 promo pics february 2017 7 88c7ba01 featured

Sarah is the 'Cat's meow!

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Chrissy Teigen Gave NYC a Sexy Lip Sync Performance Chrissy teigen 1 featured

Ok Chrissy Teigen, we completely get it. You're not only hot, intelligent, and fun-- but oh hey, you're also irresistibly sexy as well! It's pretty safe to say that Chrissy gave NYC one hell of a sexy view with her recent Lip Sync battle. But seriously though, is there anything this woman isn't capable of?