Is Lea Michelle Actually Wearing Something? Lea michele showing her cleavage in a car 3418 instagram stories f1aad746 featured

Granted I totally would have been staring at these Lea Michele cleavage pics for hours anyway, she's got some great cleavage that's always worth an extra look, but this time around I was really curious if she was actually wearing anything at all. I know she was riding in a car, but I really couldn't tell if Lea Michele was actually dressed or just using the seat belt straps to create this cleavage look.

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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Can Cook Chrissy teigen b7dfaa infobox 2654773b featured

They say that anyone can boil water, but it takes a real master to make a meal. If you happen to be someone lucky enough to know your way around a kitchen, please invite your friends over who can barely work the microwave. Whether it's a passion, a stress reliever, or just a fun hobby being in the kitchen is a dream from some people. And sometimes the oven isn't the hottest thing in the kitchen. Let's crank up the burners and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Can Cook.

Just Stay In Or On The Bed Lea Michele Lm ae9679b9 featured

We all enjoy seeing Lea Michele on television and in movies, we love to hear sing, we love to watch her dance, but honestly if I had it my way Lea Michele would never, ever leave the bed. Damn it, Lea Michele, you are so freaking sexy every single time you post an Instagram pic of you a bed.

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Lea Michele Knows How to Make a Hammock Work Lm1 4d554cf9 featured

There are few things in life better than spending a couple of hours swaying in a hammock. You're outdoors, feeling the wind, taking in nature; yep it's a pretty great way to waste away day. That's what hammocks are for... expect when Lea Michele gets in a hammock. There's no resting for her, because she has to go make hammocks really damn sexy.


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities on Broadway Glee britney michele hd 06 infobox 480f5e7f featured

If you aren't an avid theater lover, then odds are you probably didn't know that The American Theatre Wing gave out the Tony Awards last weekend to honor the best and brightest on Broadway. And while there are many of us who can't name a single a play on Broadway, there have been quite a few celebrities who have a graced the stage. 

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Michella McCollum pink panties upskirt Taxi Driver Movie

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Lea Michele Being Sexy, As Always Lea  d95e8563 featured

With tax season in full swing, we are reminded of the few constants in this world: Death, taxes, and Lea Michele posting sexy pictures of herself on Instagram. Yeah, life is ever changing so it's nice to have Lea Michele sexiness to keep us centered.


Out of Bed, Lea Michele Hits the Pool Lm1 0248d3cf featured

Recently, it seemed like the last thing Lea Michele has wanted to do is get out of bed. Her Instagram was filled wall to wall with pictures of her being sexy in bed. But like that old saying "A man cannot live on Lea Michele being sexy in bed alone," she decided to toss her sexy jammies and put on her sexy bikini to hit the pool.


Lea Michele Could Make a Career of Being in Bed Lm1 c95c3017 featured

They say in life you have to find something you love, do it every day, and you'll never work a day in your life. While I'm sure Lea Michele loves singing, dancing, and acting, she could really make a pretty awesome career out of just taking sexy pictures in bed.

Now Lea Michele Is Sleeping in the Nude Lm1 249a0e49 featured

Being famous means that sometimes you can be a trend-setter without even doing it on purpose. And while some trends aren't really things we can get behind, others are really great ideas that we all can throw our full support behind, like hot celebrities sleeping in the nude. The latest one to jump on this naked bed bandwagon? Lea Michele.


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Top Ten Celebrities Who Should Go Nude in 2017 Cuoco lip sync battle 782389 infobox featured

For many, the New Year is a great time for reflection, to look back on all the things you have done and all the things you didn't get done. The New Year is the perfect time to give some serious thought to the future, to make plans, and set goals. And if you are a celebrity, maybe this is the year to say yes to a certain role - you agree to a movie that you normally would pass on, and maybe, just maybe, 2017 is the year you finally go nude.

Lea Michele Is Already Making 2017 Memorable Lm featured

After the rush of the holidays, settling into the new year can be a bit of a downer. It's rough to go from a bunch of great food, parties, and presents to, well, nothing. But thankfully Lea Michele is already giving us something to cheer about this year: a couple nude Instagram post of herself.

Top Ten "New Year's Eve" Hotties Vergara newyears hd s 04 infobox featured

Ring In The New Year With These Hotties