Keri Russell Has an All American Ass Keri russell cfaf33 infobox 11988f71 featured

I know that The Americans (2013-2017) is all about Russian spies living among us, but there is one fatal flaw in the show; Keri Russell's ass. I'm sorry there's just no way to cut it, that is an all American ass. She could the perfect accent, say all the right words, but once her pants ago away there's no doubt about that 100% All Natural, Made in the USA rump.

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Will Keri Russell Show Her Ass After "The Americans" Ends? Keri russell b56ce7 infobox featured

As the hit FX show The Americans comes closer to ending I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how I will get my fill of Keri Russell’s ass. I mean, she only shows it on television, as she’s not much for big-screen nudity. But will the end of The Americans signal a change?

When "The Americans" Goes Off the Air How Will We See Keri Russell's Butt? Keri russell f5d11c infobox featured

While we are all curious to know what will happen on the final season of The Americans, there is one question that I don’t think any of us will be able to answer: When the show goes off the air, how will we be able to see Keri Russell’s butt on a regular basis?

"The Americans" Might Be Coming to an End, but What About Keri Russell's Rear End? Russell the americans 757688 featured

If you’re hooked on the FX show The Americans—because you love the thriller, about two Russian spies living in America, or you just like seeing Keri Russell’s butt on television—I have some bad news for you. The show might only last one or two more seasons.

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Keri Russell Should Always Wear A Bikini Crgnuhhf featured

On the hit show The Americans Keri Russell plays a KBG agent who is pretending to be a US citizen during The Cold War and I know is serious and sometimes dark, but I think it would be really awesome in Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings spent an entire season at the beach so Keri Russell could be a in a bikini most of time. That would make for some awesome television.

Who Wouldn't Tell Keri Russell Every Secret? Czmgcbgk featured

It’s probably a good thing that Keri Russell really isn’t like her character Elizabeth Jennings (a KGB agent hiding in plain sight) because when you think about, who wouldn’t tell her everything just to be close to her.

Keri Russell Makes The Cold War Sexy With Her White Russian Ass Russell the americans 757688 featured

FX's The Americans continue to let Keri Russell sport her amazing booty.

FX’s The Americans: The Cold War Has Never Been So Hot! Masucci the americans 7348201 featured

The FX Cold War spy drama "The Americans" is well into its second season and it's proven to be just as exciting and fulfilling as the first.

Bra-vo! FX Gets Intimate on "Legit" and "The Americans" Legit e16 beutler hd 01 001 1 web

Looking good in a bra on television isn't as easy as you may think.

Vintage Keri Russell Is Topless "8 Days A Week" Xlarge 280384cc989f62a50359018bc1eaaa2c web

Keri Russell Offers Esquire Readers Something To Ogle 500x keri russell esquire black 02 web