Rose Are Red and Kelly Brook's Lingerie Is Too Screen shot 2018 02 15 at 6 04 43 am 61e457e4 featured

To all you out there who hate Valentine's Day, I hear ya. It can be a crappy holiday if you're single and sometimes it's pretty crappy when you're in a relationship. All that love stuff does get annoying after awhile. But hey, it's over, it's done, you don't have to worry about it for another year. And here is Kelly Brook in some sexy lingerie just for you.


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Welcome the New Year with Kelly Brook's Cleavage Kelly brooke cal 2018 4 d61d1c1a featured

Whether you like to ring in the New Year partying the night away with strangers at some public event or you prefer to stay in with friends and family, the start of a year new is always a great reason to celebrate. And there is no better way to show your excitement for the future than with Kelly Brook's awesome cleavage.


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'Tis the season!

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Kelly Brook Wins Underboob of the Year Kb cdfe61c4 featured

To say that Kelly Brook has some of the best boobs on the planet is really kind of an understatement. Kelly Brook's breasts are the stuff dreams are made of. So, it's not surprising that when your boobs are that great, you also have fantastic cleavage, sideboob, and underboob. And even though I just made it up, Kelly Brook is the winner of Underboob of the Year!


Top Ten Hottest Skinny Dipping Celebrities Emmy rossum a4afb8 infobox df366ee2 featured

Summer is here and that means spending as much time as possible by or in a body of water. Be it a pool or the ocean or a lake, nothing beats splashing around with friends and family, swimming some laps, and of course, doing a cannonball. Yep, nothing is better than a day by the pool... except for a night of skinny dipping. Get ready to take a dip, because we are counting down the Top Ten Hottest Skinny Dipping Celebrities.


Unicorns Are Magical Except When They Block a Nude Kelly Brook Kb1 755db930 featured

When you're a kid, it's easy to believe in magical creatures - they are as real as anything else in this world - but then you get older and you quit believing in magic. One day, though, you see something and all of sudden you believe in that magic again. And then that stupid unicorn blocks the magic of a skinny dipping Kelly Brook and you hate those stupid things.


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities to Pose for "Playboy" Monroe mortal n 06 infobox 09b19115 featured

As we all know, Playboy recently decided to go non-nude and our hearts sank. For many of us, Playboy gave us our first glimpse at a beautiful nude woman, and believing those days of the glossy nudes would be over was simply too much for us to bear. But then, a miracle: Playboy declared it had come to its senses and decided to go back to having nudes. What better way to celebrate this wonderful return to sanity then by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities to Pose for Playboy?


No Splish, No Splash, But Kelly Brook Is Taking a Bath Kb1 ace67b74 featured

Honestly, I don't remember the last time I filled up my bathtub and sat in it for an extended period of time. Bath's just aren't my thing. It might be because I'm grown up and don't much have a desire to sit in warm water that isn't a pool, or it could be that there is nothing exciting to look at while I'm in the tub. If I had a great view like Kelly Brook does, I'd probably take more baths. And the window looking over the city isn't bad either.


Of Course the 2017 Kelly Brook Calendar Is Amazing Kkb 08 05db2bd9 featured

There was never a single doubt in any of our minds that a calendar full of Kelly Brook in bikinis would be terrible. Well, I guess the only way it could be terrible is if all the images of Kelly Brook in a bikini were taken from really, really far away. Of course, that didn't happen. Kelly Brook is up close and cleavage personal. And yes, my friends, it one awesome image after awesome image.


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Kelly Brook in a Bikini Is Great Way to Find Peace Screen shot 2016 11 28 at 5.58.49 pm featured

One of the many reasons people do yoga is to find a sense of inner peace. It's something we should all look for in this crazy, insane world. But if you ask me, you don't need to wear tight pants and bend yourself into crazy positions to find inner peace - all you need to do is stare at Kelly Brook doing a yoga pose in a bikini.

2017 and Kelly Brook's New Calendar Can't Get Here Fast Enough Kb calendar 004 featured

Man, I’m so excited about the fact we are only a few months away from 2017. It’s not because I’m a big fan of New Years Eve or anything like that. Nope, the only reason I can’t wait to get to 2017 is because of the Kelly Brook 2017 calendar.

It's Unfair This Is All We See Of A Nude Kelly Brook Kb featured

We all know there are unfair things in the world and we have to learn to live with that fact.