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Katharine McPhee Is Cleavtastic in New Spread Tyd9mcfk o c4d10959 featured

Well, we've finally reached it, my friends. Katharine McPhee is officially reached her peak sexiness with clothes on. There is nothing, ab-so-lute-ly nothing else Katharine McPhee can wear that would make her any sexier than she is right now. There's only thing left for her to do... go topless.

Katharine McPhee's Almost Boob Is Almost the Greatest Thing Ever Km 71e4a2b7 featured

There's the old saying, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!" I've always taken this statement to heart and tried my best to never settle for close enough. But sometimes in life, all you get is close enough, and you know what? When that happens, you take it. So Katharine McPhee's close enough boob is close enough to awesome.

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Katharine McPhee in Lingerie Is Coming to the Big Screen Km e60b6ab4 featured

You know how you feel when you learn that your favorite book (or video game) is coming a theater near you? There's tons of excitement mixed with a touch of fear that it'll disappoint. Well, I think this time around we're going to be okay. Katharine McPhee posted this lingerie pic on Instagram account for an upcoming movie and I have a feeling that it'll translate perfectly to the big screen.

Katharine McPhee Like Dog Pics, We Like Katharine McPhee Cleavage Pics Km 2fdb0175 featured

Some of you might not have known that yesterday was National Puppy Day, a day in which we celebrate puppies. But for us dog owners, like Katharine McPhee, every day we celebrate puppies. And just like Katharine McPhee we celebrate by filling our social media with pictures of furry friends. The only difference is when Katharine McPhee posts a dog pic, it's a whole hell of a lot sexier.

Of Course Katharine McPhee Makes Dog Walking Sexy Screen shot 2017 01 17 at 6.20.15 am featured

Normally whenever I see a baby stroller filled with dogs I can't help, but roll my eyes. Come on, they are dogs. Dogs walk. Dogs are supposed to walk, it's good for them. Sorry everyone out there with dog strollers, it's just something I can't behind...except for when it's Katharine McPhee. I can get behind Katharine McPhee doing just about anything, especially in slow motion.

This Is the Single Sexiest Picture of Katharine McPhee Ever Kp1 featured

We have all seen many different Katharine McPhee pictures in our lives. Whether they're from magazines or from film and television or, of course, her social media, she keeps us up to date on her comings and goings. And of all the many, many, many images of Katharine McPhee that our eyes have gazed upon, this Instagram pic of her in a bikini eating a hamburger is hands down the sexiest picture of her to date.

Even With a Finger Over Her Face, This Is a Great Pic of Katharine McPhee Kp featured

Of all the rules there are for taking a picture - doesn’t matter if it’s a formal picture or just snapping a pic of some moment you don’t want to forget - the no. 1 rule you must remember is to keep your finger away from the lens. Nothing ruins a picture faster than someone’s chubby finger covering up part of the picture. But, I think this time around, we can forgive whoever snapped this Instagram pic of Katharine McPhee in a bikini.

Confused Boner of the Week: Katharine McPhee Cleavage's With Dog Nose and Ears Katharine mcphee in bikini  snapchat pic  01 662x1177 featured

Oh, Katharine McPhee, you have me so confused.

What Would Happen If Katharine McPhee Went Topless? Katharine mcphee bosomy hotness  01 93465b8d web featured

You know, I often try to contain myself when talking about some of the most beautiful women in the world, women like Katharine McPhee. Katharine McPhee is a stunner, a real knock out, she looks amazing all of time and I am thankful that Katherine McPhee has no problem wearing bikinis or something showing off cleavage, but how amazing would it be if she went topless?!

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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Named Katherine Zeta jones chicago 736355 infobox featured

Whether you spell it Catherine or Katherine or Kathryn or Katharine, when it comes to beauty, it doesn't matter.

Katharine McPhee In A Bikini Is What Makes America Great Km featured

Every 4th of July we all get to celebrate the birth of our nation by doing something we love—blowing up fireworks, eating too much, having one too many beers, being incredibly loud in public—all the things that make America great. As for me, I’m going to start a new tradition for the 4th that really sums up what makes America the best—staring at Katharine McPhee in a bikini.

Yes to More Katharine McPhee Workout Selfies Km1 featured

Yes, Katharine McPhee, yes. Please post as many pictures of yourself in the gym after you are finished doing your new cardio plan for the year.