A Visit From Our Old Friend, Kat Dennings’s Cleavage

May 09, 12 A Visit From Our Old Friend, Kat Dennings’s Cleavage

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It feels so unspeakably good to see her cleavage again. How long has it been? It’s been since January; we were ogling her chest when she was at TCA 2012. And the previous visit was back in May of 2011, when she was showing off her mighty orbs at the “Thor” premiere. Please, Kat, we really want to see you more often.

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Could Kat Dennings’s Cleavage Take On Christina Hendricks’s?

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Kat Dennings Overwhelms "Thor" Premiere With Superheroic Cleavage

Forget the hammer of Thor—what magical, mythical power is allowing Kat Dennings’s bra to keep her bountiful breasts from completely spilling out into the public view? And is there any way that said hammer of Thor might be used to destroy Ms. Dennings’s enslaving undergarment, and give her breasts the freedom they... read more

Double Whammy Celebrity Nudity: Kat Dennings And Jessica Alba Topless!

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