Top Ten Hottest Celebs We Want to Get Nude in 2018 Dobrev vampire return hd u 02 infobox d9cd50db featured

A new year is upon us, and as we set our personal goals for 2018, there are some goals we should all hope for. We should all wish health, happiness, and for some of the hottest celebrities who have yet to bare their goods to the world to finally do a nude scene. Let's start the year off right by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Should Get Nude in 2018!


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in November Anne hathaway 51b8fb infobox c8c9f365 featured

It is said that people born in the month of November are very much their own people, very unique. They might not be the most talkative people in the room, but they have no problem making friends. Sure, those born in the 11th month of the year might be a touch secretive, but who among us doesn't have some secrets? And of course, those born in this month are also very, very, very hot. Now that the stuffing is eaten and the pie pans are back in the cabinet, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in November.


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Kaley Cuoco Should Wear Riding Pants All the Time Kc 5a185514 featured

The number of things I know about horse riding couldn't even fill a posted note. Something new I learned today is that if you ride a horse, you need to wear horse riding pants. And if you're Kaley Cuoco, then you wear the sexiest riding pants known to mankind.


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Casey Batchelor nipple peek at calendar shoot Taxi Driver Movie

Winnie Harlow see-through dress The Nip Slip

Kaley Cuoco titty flash of the day Drunken Stepfather

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Feel Free to Show Off More Skin, Kaley Cuoco Itrvmash o 60841ebe featured

Now, don't get me wrong here, these are some might fine pictures of Kaley Cuoco;mighty fine indeed. Kaley Cuoco is showing off a good amount of skin, even though she's mostly dressed. All I'm saying is if Kaley Cuoco wants to show off a little of her sexy skin then we would all totally be cool with that.

Must Be Hard to Concentrate Around Kaley Cuoco in Yoga Pants Kc1 006f7101 featured

Being around a beautiful woman, no matter who you are, can be quite distracting. There is just something about her beauty that makes it hard to do even the simplest of tasks, much less try to do something out of the ordinary. So, one can easily understand why Kunal Nayyar is tumbling over next to Kaley Cuoco in yoga pants.


Top Ten Celebrities Who Should Go Nude in 2017 Cuoco lip sync battle 782389 infobox featured

For many, the New Year is a great time for reflection, to look back on all the things you have done and all the things you didn't get done. The New Year is the perfect time to give some serious thought to the future, to make plans, and set goals. And if you are a celebrity, maybe this is the year to say yes to a certain role - you agree to a movie that you normally would pass on, and maybe, just maybe, 2017 is the year you finally go nude.

Is Kaley Cuoco Sexier Than Normal? 7ozl17i featured

We can all agree that Kaley Cuoco has been sexy for a good long while. But did she go and get sexier? Is it just me, or does Kaley Cuoco look sexier than normal? I swear, Kaley Cuoco has never been this sexy before.

Kaley Cuoco Flashes Her Boob . . . Almost Screen shot 2016 09 02 at 8.45.26 am featured

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a love/hate relationship with social media. We love the ease of connecting with old friends, being able to keep in touch with people, and know what is going on the world. We hate all the faux outrage, those annoying memes everyone posts, and emojis that cover up Kaley Cuoco's exposed boob.

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Kaley Cuoco Makes Baseball Sexy Kc5 featured

If you are a big fan of our national pastime—baseball—then no doubt you are in high spirits because spring training has started and the new season is right around the corner. But if you are one who finds baseball a little boring, I think you might have a little change of heart thanks to Kaley Cuoco's baseball-themed spread in the April 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan.

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"Who's The Hottest?!" 2016 Grammy Edition! Sv2 featured

Well, if you weren't at home last night glued to your television to watch the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, then you probably had something more important to do. But that's OK, because we are going to bring the best part—all the beautiful women of the night in another fun-filled round of "Who's The Hottest?!"

Confused Boner of the Week: These Pictures of Kaley Cuoco Kc7 featured

Kaley Cuoco wearing nothing more than a sports bra and some workout shorts is super sexy, but what in the hell is she doing? She can’t be running, because she’s wearing flip flops. Has she had one too many at the juice bar? I can’t figure out what is going, and it’s giving one hell of a confusion boner.