Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in December Amanda seyfried lovelace hd 10 infobox 0b1aa930 featured

It is said that people born in the 12th month of the year make a lot of friends. Maybe it's their good sense of humor or their adventurous spirit or it could be because they are pretty honest and trustworthy. But of their traits, probably one that draws most people in is that those born December tend to pretty damn hot. So, let's grab our sweaters and cocoa and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in December.


Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Authors Britney spears cb4dd8 infobox aeab4a37 featured

Nothing beats a good book. Well, maybe a great movie beats a good book, but the book still comes in second. Then again, there's also some great television out there right now, so maybe it goes movie, tv show, then book. The point is books are still pretty great. Heck, some of the best movies and television shows come from books. And would you believe it, some celebrities have taken a break from acting to write a book? Yep, it's true, so let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Authors!


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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities That Played Porn Stars Graham boogie hd n 01 infobox 1585239e featured

There's no replacing the real deal, but to be a believable porn star you must have a passion, a desire, a sexiness that leaps off the screen. Many try, but not all succeed.

Julianne Moore Is a Forever Hottie Julianne moore grazia magazine italy august 2017 2 411d1e4c featured

Here's a fun little challenge the next time you're at a get-together and things get kind of dull: Have everyone try to name a time when Julianne Moore wasn't hot. Of course, no one will be able to think of a time when Julianne Moore wasn't hot - she's always hot. But think of the all the fun you'll have talking about your favorite Julianne Moore moments!


Mr. Skin Minute: Insane Lesbian Scene With Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore Moore chloe hd n 08 infobox 963a79af featured

The Last Word? More like The Last Wad.

Top Ten Hottest Celebrity "Politicians" Ixzdn0y0tnq7zoq featured

With the inauguration of our 45th president only days away, we thought we might dip our toe in the political world. Not to take sides or to pick a candidate, but to instead take a look back at all the hot celebrities that have at one time or another played a president or a senator, both real and fake. And what's a better way to say Hoo-Ray U-S-A then with a good, old-fashioned, All-American Top Ten List!

Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in December Seyfried chloe hd n 03 infobox featured

It is said that people born in the last month of the year are strong and determined, but also they remain grounded in reality. December babies also tend to be very nice to others, they tend to be very honest, and most of all, they are super freaking hot. Armed with these facts, it's time to count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in December!

Top Ten Hottest Movie Characters Who Live in Los Angeles Moore biglebowski hd n 05 infobox featured

L.A. Women!

Mr. Skin Minute: HD Firecrotch From Julianne Moore And More! Connelly requiem hd n 02 infobox featured

Welcome to the Mr. Skin Minute, where we thumb through all the week's best nudity news! Jennifer Connelly sports the increasingly fashionable merkin in this weekend's American Pastoral, but her natural pubes are on full display in Requiem for a Dream. Is it hot in here, or is it Julianne Moore's firecrotch in Short Cuts, now on Blu-ray? Finally, Shameless brings even more nudity, including a topless Ruby Modine!

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley braless in a dress The Nip Slip

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Carmella Rose topless for Treats! Egotastic All Stars

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PeTA pasties at London Fashion Week Last Men on Earth

Julianne Moore may villain it up in Kingsman 2 Double Viking

10 breast pics to get you primed for Titty Tuesday Steakwood

See Abigail Hardingham's perfect pair in Nina Forever Mr. Skin

With Alison Tyler, you start from scratch Alrincon

Blonde girlfriend takes a cumshot on camera GIF-Porn

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Want more celebrity skin, supermodel nudity, and pornographic comings and goings on the Internet? Here are some Fleshbot-approved links that will supplement your insatiable desires for all things nude and naughty.

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Ralph Fiennes Has No Problem Talking About His Favorite Sex Scenes Moore endof n 12 featured

We all have our favorite sex scenes in movies. Whether it was the first one we ever saw or one that included our personal favorite celebrity of all time, there's no doubt each and everyone of us can name one or two sex scenes from a movie that we will never forget. But have you ever wondered if celebrities have favorite sex scenes?

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Mr. Skin Knows The Real Thunder Buddies Are Amanda Seyfried & Julianne Moore Moore chloe hd n 09 featured

Mr. Skin's weekly "Mr. Skin Minute" takes a tongue in cheek look at the week's most interesting nudity news, and this week there's plenty to get excited about, including the theatrical release of the comedy sequel Ted 2 featuring Amanda Seyfried! Since Amanda stays covered up in the film, head over to 2009's Chloe where she and Julianne Moore become thunder buddies for life after bumping bagels!

Mr. Skin Minute Covers Zoe Kravitz's Nude Debut Kravitz the road within 760155 featured

Mr. Skin's weekly "Mr. Skin Minute" takes a tongue in cheek look at the week's most interesting nudity news, and with the theatrical release of The Road Within upon us, Mr. Skin's cooked up some great new material about Zoe Kravitz.

Top 10 Nude Stars Who Started On A Soap Opera Julianne moore featured

I pride myself on having never seen a single episode of a soap opera, and I have at least three friends from college who have appeared on soaps. In addition to being a great source of employment for casual acquaintances of mine, soap operas are also a great launching pad for actresses, many of whom have gone on to do nude scenes on film. Here are ten of the best...