Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in March Olivia wilde 09fc97 infobox e2678b4b featured

It is often said of those who are born in the month of March that they after often very compassionate, affectionate, and have very strong charisma. They are romantic when the time is right, they are ready to listen if you need a sympathetic ear, and when you need a cup of honesty, they are the ones you turn to. Also, those born in March are also pretty damn hot, so let's countdown the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in March.


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Top Ten "Valentine's Day" Hotties Lanasa valentines hd b 02 infobox 020f9f75 featured

A couple of years ago, the trend of making movies based around holidays was a big thing. And by big thing I mean I think they made like three of them, two I know they made for sure, but there might a third one floating around somewhere. But since these holiday movies always brought together a great collection of leading ladies, we thought we should take a look at Valentine's Day (2010) and count down the Top Ten Hotties from the cast.


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The other day I was thinking I hadn't watched any of my favorite movies in a long time. I should probably sit down and watch a few of them again just for the fun of it. And that got me thinking, there are a couple of celebrities that we really haven't need in awhile or we've only seen nude once. It would really be great to see them nude again, so why not count down the Top Ten Celebrities Who Should Get Nude Again?


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Top Ten "New Year's Eve" Hotties Vergara newyears hd s 04 infobox featured

Ring In The New Year With These Hotties

Top Ten Sexy Celebrities Named Jessica Lowndes silicone in stereo 747040 infobox featured

The great William Shakespeare wrote; “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet” and while that is true some names are a little bit sexier than others.

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Jessica Biel Is The Hottest Of All The Jessicas 8 featured

When comes to the who is the hottest Jessica argument – Jessica Alba vs. Jessica Biel vs. Jessica Simpson, I will also go with Jessica Biel. I might be alone in my choice, but it is one I'd proudly defend.

Jessica Biel Still Looks Hot in A Bikini Jb001 featured

Jessica Biel Still Looks Hot in A Bikini

No Bra? Yes, Jessica Biel! Jessica biel zipped hot 682x1024 featured

Women are still wearing bras? Thank Susan B. Anthony for Jessica Biel and her one woman, two boob assault on this chauvinistic crackdown on titties with her brave and bawdy no-bra look. I'm looking.

Jessica Biel's Pajama Dress Produces Wet Dreams Biel 06 featured

Jessica Biel forgot to get dressed, but not in a good way. Not in a bad way, either, mind you, I'd just prefer she left the house naked. You know, like one of those dreams where you find yourself in class without clothing on and there's a test you hadn't studied for. Still, she looks pretty hot in a pajama dress.

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Thongs For the Memories, Jessica Biel Jessica biel 5 web

What a difference an ass makes, especially if that ass belongs to the supernaturally hot Jessica Biel. She is vacationing in Barbados, but we can all enjoy the beach life with these candid pictures of her brief bikini.

Anna Friel/Jessica Biel Two-For-One Nipple Deal! Bielfrielprayerwheel web

Now that we've started rhyming about these two ladies, we can't stop, and yet nothing we think of makes sense. All right, we can say "Friel and Biel have sex appeal!" but then it deteriorates into a mish-mosh of prayer wheel, cornmeal, piggy squeal, and Shaquille O'Neal, none of which has anything to do with these ladies and their penchant for translucent fabrics.

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