Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in December Amanda seyfried lovelace hd 10 infobox 0b1aa930 featured

It is said that people born in the 12th month of the year make a lot of friends. Maybe it's their good sense of humor or their adventurous spirit or it could be because they are pretty honest and trustworthy. But of their traits, probably one that draws most people in is that those born December tend to pretty damn hot. So, let's grab our sweaters and cocoa and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in December.


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities In Bikinis Jenniferlawrence esquirephotoshoot hd 9 infobox 951a507c featured

A couple of days ago marked the official start of summer. While for some summer means vacation, others summer is time for cookouts with friends and family, to me is summer is and always will be about one thing: bikinis. Yes, bikini seasons just might be the greatest season of all. So, let's grab our sunscreen and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities in Bikinis!

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It is said that people born in the last month of the year are strong and determined, but also they remain grounded in reality. December babies also tend to be very nice to others, they tend to be very honest, and most of all, they are super freaking hot. Armed with these facts, it's time to count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in December!

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Top Ten Sexy Celebrities Named Jennifer Aniston were the millers 731376 infobox featured

While there is no shortage of beautiful women on television and in movies, there seems to be an awful like of beautiful Jennifers out there. So, we thought we should take a moment and figure who is the hottest Jennifer of them all.

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Hanukkah begins this Sunday at sundown and we couldn't be more excited, especially when it means that we get to celebrate by checking out some of our favorite Jewish actresses in the buff! This really should be just a Top 8, but that's not very exciting, so light two extra candles this year for our Top 10 Hanukkah Hotties!

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It's no surprise that some porn stars look like mainstream celebrities, especially since in many cases it's intentional. Playboy decided to toss out that notion, however, and look at some porn stars that look strikingly like celebrities. In some cases, they were right on. In others, well, they get an A for effort.

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