Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Should Get Nude Again Anne hathaway 14b4f6 infobox 7fba3c33 featured

We can all agree there is nothing quite like the nude debut. All the excitement that is built around it, all the waiting, and of course the reward at the end. But there is something that's almost as great as a nude debut, and that's the second nude scene. While many celebrities have given us wonderful nude debuts, for some reason, they haven't gotten nude again. In the hopes of changing that, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Should Get Nude Again!


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Blac Chyna nipples in white lace Taxi Driver Movie

Behati Prinsloo topless and pregnant Drunken Stepfather

Jennifer Aniston cleavage in Harper's Bazaar (header image) Egotastic

Hungarian beauty Bori Kreutz naked with comic books Egotastic All Stars

Carly Lauren stripping at the fair Boobie Blog

Britney Spears spends most of her money on massages WWTDD

Top 10 Antonio Banderas nude co-stars Mr. Skin

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Top Ten Hottest Highest Paid Actresses Jenniferlawrence esquirephotoshoot hd 5 infobox b294ecb3 featured

Being at the top of your game is about more than just a paycheck. And for these actresses listed on the Forbes highest paid actresses in Hollywood list, it's a combination of talent, skill, ability, and some stunning good looks. Each of these actresses have made us laugh, cry, cringe, and cheer. In honor of their brilliance and stunning good looks, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Highest Paid Actresses.


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in February Ashley greene 9bd122 infobox 19e23637 featured

It is said that those who are born in the second month of the year are known for their frankness and their originality. February babies are known to be quite mysterious, with strong willpower and a strong sense of philanthropy. And really, all of these facts are true because February is full of some of the hottest people on the planet who don't mind sharing their hotness with the world. So, let's celebrate by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in February. 


Top Ten Hot Chicks In Rotten Movies Anne hathaway 14b4f6 infobox featured

Bad, bad, rotten!

Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Started in Horror Mendes urban s 02 infobox featured

Before they became household names, the celebrities we know and love all had to get their start somewhere. While some were child stars, other started in print and commercials, but a very sexy few started in horror.

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Want more celebrity skin, supermodel nudity, and pornographic comings and goings on the Internet? Here are some Fleshbot-approved links that will supplement your insatiable desires for all things nude and naughty.

Alicia Arden sunbathes in see-through bikini bottoms Taxi Driver Movie

Maria Sharapova can only play paddle tennis now The Nip Slip

Xamira goes nude for Mise en Cage Drunken Stepfather

Carmella Rose topless screengrabs from Treats! video Egotastic All Stars

Busty boss Anya Ivy and her new secretary Karlie Montana Boobie Blog

Ashley Graham models bridal lingerie Last Men on Earth

Marvel wants girls to science the shit out of the world Double Viking

Josie Canseco takes an outdoor shower Steakwood

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Anastasia Black and the banana technique Alrincon

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A handpicked gallery of beautiful naked babes

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Jennifer Aniston see-through in Harper's Bazaar Pretty Hot & Sexy

Nude Selena Gomez Was Inspired by Nude Jennifer Aniston Screen shot 2015 09 16 at 9.18.27 am featured

For the people out there (myself included) who saw the cover of Selena Gomez’s new album, featuring a nude Selena Gomez in black and white, we couldn’t help but remember another famous black and white nude: Jennifer Aniston. Well, it turns out that Selena Gomez also thought about Jennifer Aniston when coming up with the idea for this picture.

Hotness Update: Jennifer Aniston's Booty Is Still Smokin' Jennifer aniston steps september  featured

Being a newlywed and all is tough work. You've got to undergo a whole lot of change and live up to the standard of being someone's wife. But, in Jennifer Aniston's case, it's obvious that adjusting to marriage ain't no thang; at least on the hotness front! So here's a quick hotness update for you all: Jennifer Aniston's tight toned smokin' hot booty is still breaking necks world wide!

The Glorious World Of Unintentional Nudity Tumblr muthj8ohnl1rifon7o1 1280 featured

There's something inherently exciting about unintentional nudity. It's a fun, titillating spectacle to catch a celebrity's body part make its way into the frame of a film after they seem to have taken careful measure to avoid such an occurrence. What Culture pointed out a handful, but not being nudity experts, they also missed a few. Here are some of the best unintentional nude scenes in history...

Jennifer Aniston's Braless Boobies Looked Phenomenal at The 2015 Critics' Choice Awards Jen featured

There's one thing I'm sure of: Jennifer Aniston definitely wasn't wearing a bra at the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards and her tits looked truly phenomenal! Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about just how amazing her boobs looked and just how much we appreciate the opportunity to get to see them in action.

Jennifer Aniston is Hot As Ever Screen shot 2014 12 17 at 11.17.05 am featured

If you had a pulse in the 1990s then you had a crush on Jennifer Anniston and most likely that crush continues to this very day. During the peak of the hit show Friends, every girl wanted to be Rachel and every guy wanted to date Rachel. I include myself in that last statement.

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Jennifer Aniston Says She Rocked The Booty Magazine Cover Shot Way Before Kim K Jennifer featured

Jennifer Aniston wants you all to remember that far before "Kim Kardashian" became a household name she was showing off her booty and landing Magazine cover photos. It's not like Jennifer speaks up that often so I think we better listen to what she has to say! With all of the recent buzz about Kim K's US Mag booty cover photo Jennifer just couldn't help but add that she did it first. Do you blame her though? Judging by the 90's Rolling Stone Magazine cover photo above I'd say that Jennifer deserves some recognition. I've never been that great at math but I can easily say that innocent booty shots>trashy champagne drenched ass photos all day every day!

Hey Jennifer Aniston, Toronto Can See Your Tits! 026730361 jenniferanistonseethrough2014tiff3 122 394lo featured

Hey Jennifer Aniston, Toronto Can See Your Tits!

Jennifer Aniston's Friends Poke Out to Say Hello Jennifer aniston 062514 featured

Jennifer Aniston is at it again, or should we say at tit. No, sadly, she's not topless. However, even beneath a bra and a T-shirt her nipples are doing everything in their power to pop out of their fabric restraints and let us see them as the naked target of lust they are.