Jen Selter Shows Off That Stunning Ass Jen selter showing her ass 1118 instagram video 2 8387fd98 featured

The only thing I can think, and I mean the only idea that comes into my head as I flip through these pictures, is that Jen Selter's ass is just so awesome that she can't do any kind of stretches with it trapped inside of her pants. It doesn't matter if Jen Selter is wearing workout pants, jeans, yoga pants, or lounge pants, and it doesn't matter the shape, the style, or the material - Jen Selter's ass is just that powerful.


Jen Selter Obviously Got That Insta-Famous Booty of Hers From Her Smokin' Hot Momma 1 featured

As if famous insta-booty model Jen Selter wasn't hot enough on her own, it's become dangerously apparent that good-looks and incredibly fucking hot bodies are something that must run in her family. If we've ever had a hot mother daughter fantasy, this recently uploaded photo of Jen and her mom has trumped its hotness times infinity. Is this real life?

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