It's Cleavage Time With January Jones! Jj e45a52d3 featured

It seems like every single time I glance over at Instagram, there are January Jones and her cleavage. That got me thinking - I think Instagram needs to jump in the TV Show game with "Cleavage Time with January Jones!" It doesn't have to be a long show - only a couple of minutes - but you have January Jones doing stuff with her cleavage. I'm telling you, it's a hit.


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As I'm sure we've all put away our backpacks, our trail mix, and mud covered boots from celebrating National Take A Hike day back on November 17th (like I have to tell you guys the date), it's hard to believe we'll have to wait another year to get out and enjoy a nice long walk in the woods. Yep, there's nothing like seeing the stunning beauty that is the great outdoors - well, except for the stunning beauty of a stunning beauty in the great outdoors. So, strap on those cargo pants for one more hike as we count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Nude in the Woods!


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Don't Wear a Bra and Play With Scissors, January Jones Jj 9879ab00 featured

When we were younger, we were told never to play with scissors. It doesn't matter the situation - scissors are dangerous and they are not toys. The worst of all situations one can be in is: January Jones in a bra and scissors. That is one dangerously sexy event.


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Keep Trying, January Jones, You Just Keep Trying Jj 965f7211 featured

There's that old saying about "catching a bull by the horns", but what if that bull is not a bull, it's a raft. And what if it's January Jones in a pool, grabbing those horns. Do you really want her to get them or do you just want to watch her keep trying? Honestly, I have no answer to this one, my friends.

January Jones, Queen of the Instagram Bikini Pic Jj ece39d03 featured

Yes, I'm about to make a pretty bold statement and I'm ready to stand by it. January Jones is the Queen of Instagram bikini pics. I know Instagram is full of bikini pics, but none do it better than January Jones.

January Jones Knows How to Rope You In Jj1 0db7906e featured

It's been pretty well established that January Jones has one of the best Instagram accounts to follow. She always knows when, where, and what angle to get the best picture of her cleavage possible. Yes, I really don't want to imagine a world without January Jones and her incredible cleavage on Instagram.


No Fireworks Need When January Jones Is Showing Off Her Cleavage Jj1 d76b526c featured

If I'm being completely honest, and you know when I'm dealing with you guys I'm always honest, I'm just not into fireworks. Sure, they are loud, brightly colored explosions in the sky, but they just aren't my thing. I find the best way to celebrate any holiday, including the 4th of July, is with January Jones' cleavage.

Every Day Is A Good Day For January Jones Cleavage Jj1 0c1dfec6 featured

Saturday's are good days for catching up on chores, rainy days are good for watching movies, and days off are good for doing nothing at all. But every single day of the year is a good day for January Jones in a bikini. Yep, if the day ends in Y than it's a perfect time for January Jones cleavage.

January Jones Just Had to Throw on a Red Bathing Suit Jj1 c8626222 featured

It's too late, it's already too late. Damn it, January Jones, you just had to go and throw on a super sexy red one-piece bathing suit after they've already had the premiere for the new Baywatch movie. As much as we may want them to go back and digitally inject January Jones and her sexiness in this bathing suit into the film, I don't think they will. Sometimes things are just so unfair.


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Your Dress Looks Great Like That, January Jones Jj2 4ebfb939 featured

Do not get me wrong, seriously, I'm not saying it's not awesome. Because it is. It is, in fact, very, very, very awesome. All I want to know is whether or not January Jones's dress is supposed to be that low cut or if she was just having an awesome time. I'm fine either way, I just really want to have an answer to this question.


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Ride them hard!

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