Is Barbara Palvin Staring into Your Soul? Barbara palvin 8 c1a29523 featured

One way to tell if a model has "it" is if they jump off the page. When you look at a picture of them, they seem to be coming right out at you - in a sense, they leap out of the image and take up residence in your memory banks so you never forget them. But this time I feel like Barbara Palvin is staring right into my soul and it's making me a little nervous.


More Proof Tan Lines Are Amazing: Adriana Cernanova Topless 8 1 featured

You know what I don’t mind? Sounding like a broken record when it comes to talking about the pure and total awesomeness of tan lines. Yep, it’s time to buckle up again because I’m going to go on and on and on about Adriana Cernanova and her awesome tan lines.

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