“Ass Wide Open 2″ Offers Truth In Advertising

Oct 31, 13 “Ass Wide Open 2″ Offers Truth In Advertising

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“Ass Wide Open 2″ tells it like it is: there are many asses in this film, and they get opened so wide, you could lose your keys inside.

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Amber Rayne & Kristina Rose (Everything Butt)

Sep 03, 13 Amber Rayne & Kristina Rose (Everything Butt)

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Double Stuf

Aug 05, 13 Double Stuf

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We were just remarking about lavishing love on a greedy, lust-lovin’ cock, and here we find its counterpart in pussy form. This pussy would like all the things in it, whether they be animal, vegetable, or mineral. Okay, perhaps we’re projecting a little bit, but we don’t think we’re crafting too bizarre a fiction. Just look at the gape here! It’s basically telling us we speak the truth.

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This Asshole’s Out At The Sauna

Mar 14, 13 This Asshole’s Out At The Sauna

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Or at least it seems to be in a very peaceful, zenlike state with how relaxed it is in the face of a considerable cumload. And whilst getting a solid dicking, it doesn’t shy away — no, instead it serenely gapes as if to say, “All are welcome here,” and “Peace be with you”. We’re feeling quite mellow ourselves, as it turns out… Cum just does that to us, we dunno.

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One Of The Friendliest Sort Of Asses

Nov 02, 12 One Of The Friendliest Sort Of Asses

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We expect a certain amount of amicability from the asses we encounter, but this babe Sandra’s goes above and beyond our wildest expectations! Not only does it say hello (and in a really genuine manner), but it invites us over for dinner, drinks, and dessert, and to stick around for some charades. What an ass!

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Thankfully, “Monster Gapes” Is Not A Parody Of “Monster’s Ball

A film like “Monster Gapes” doesn’t need to waste its time on set-ups, but we are treated to just how a woman came to be making a perfect, expanding O at the very bottom of herself nonetheless.

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This Oral And Anal Sex Is Brought To You By Wigs

Masks aren’t kinky anymore. We’re sorry, we don’t make the rules, but we might blame the (over-)sexualization of Halloween for the mask’s demise. Now, if you’re looking for a really freaky accessory, we suggest the wig. Only real freaks wear wigs. A mask—at least these half-sized masquerade... read more

Lily Carter Gapes "Like A Champ" In "Trained Teens 4"

Seriously, the back of the box claims that Lily gets involved in “GAPING LIKE A CHAMP.” Just like “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” and “Teaching Me How To Dougie,” we have no idea what gaping like a champ really means. But we suppose we could learn the finer points of gaping at the Jules Jordan... read more

This Is What A "Big Toy Orgy" Is Supposed To Look Like

Last week’s glimpse at a “Big Toy Orgy” didn’t provide the best example of one of these events. Our bad! Now we have a big orgy and big toys, we’ve smashed the two together, and everyone seems to be going swimmingly. You know what makes this “Big Toy Orgy” even more enjoyable? Pause the... read more

Chanel Preston Finally Admits, "I Love Big Toys"

Just think: she had 33 other chances to fess up to her obsession with giant dildos of various shapes and textures, but she only felt comfortable saying so now. What does that mean, Chanel? Why don’t we talk more? Is there something we can do, some way we can make you more comfortable so you’ll be more inclined to let us... read more

Can We Call The "Ass Mounted" Police Ass Mounties?

Let’s face it: it’s a much cuter name than calling them the Royal Ass Mounted Police. Then again, the acronym RAMP sounds pretty dang cool. It’s so hard to decide what to call the world’s first anal sex police! Let’s be honest with ourselves (again): these two aren’t going to be catching any... read more

Really Though, Sarah Shevon Loves Big Toys

So, the movie is called “I Love Big Toys 33.” Naturally, we figured that if we were going to grab a clip from it, you would want to see the biggest toy in the box. Well, here it is! Huge, isn’t it? And yet Sarah handles it quite masterfully. Do they make toys bigger than this, or would that thereby weaponize the... read more

Yes, "Big Fucking Assholes" Are A Big Fucking Deal

Don’t believe the naysayers. When you see Jenna Haze, Tory Lane, and Jenny Hendrix holding their assholes open, remember that they’re doing it because they’re proud. So show some respect! Gaping isn’t just about showing off, it’s about having pride in the porn—it’s a badge of honor, a... read more

Why Is She "Stretched To The Max"? For Science!

It’s the same reason we peer out into space—we know there’s something beyond our world, and if we could look to the darkest pockets of the universe, we would have accomplished something. This movie is that, plus dildos. “She’s Stretched to the Max” boasts a beautiful cast of eleven cock-hungry... read more

Jules Jordan Schools Ass In "Gape Lessons"

If anyone can teach supermodel sluts how to “gape” their assholes, it’d have to be Jules Jordan. And in his newest release, he showcases his skills in four easy lessons that are sure to keep you at attention. Perpetual teen daydream Aubrey Addams takes a delicious double dick stuffing that will have your heart... read more

Lovefest Between Women & Big Toys Continues Unrestricted by Laws of Man

While arguments about same sex marriage continue to distract the liberal media, a different kind of love unabashedly parades right under our very noses – the secret one girls only share with their favorite oversized toy and lube. We almost can’t believe we’ve allowed New Sensations to get all the way up to volume... read more

Mike John’s "Elastic Assholes 6": Can You Feel It?

Full-time porn director and part-time amateur proctologist Mike Johns added another line to his list of weighty credentials this week with the release of his latest exploration into the elasticity of female nether regions: he’s also proved himself to be a theoretical astrophysicist to be reckoned with. See, while you might... read more

Up Yours, Eh?: "Anal Cavity Search 4"

Maybe the grounds and standard procedure for a full body cavity search differ in Canada, from whence the mighty Eric Everhard and his mastodon-sized genitalia hail (as clearly evidenced by the maple leaf necklace he sports throughout the video) — but here in America the only way to get this thorough of an investigation into... read more

Crazy French Porn Director Offers "Psycho Sex"

During my brief but memorable visit to the AVN Expo this year, I ran into Eurosmut director Pierre Woodman with a frequency that defied statistical probability. In each and every instance, including the day after the show at the registration for Internext, Woodman’s ear-to-ear grin was plastered wider and wider until the... read more

This Week In Porn Titles: "Rim My Gape 3"

This weekend saw the delivery of the latest installment of one of our favorite “X My Y”-titled porn series to the Fleshbot compound, even if its title presents something of a conundrum: judging from all those yawning orifices on the box cover, one isn’t so much invited to skirt around the edges of the holes in... read more