Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With the Same First and Last Initial Carpenter bound 755517 infobox 903af660 featured

Your initials are probably something you don't spend that much time thinking about unless they spell something funny like A.S.S. or W.E.T. But for some people, the initials are almost as important as the name. At least we think that's the case because we all know someone who has the same first and last initial. Whether it's on purpose or not, one thing we know for sure is there are quite a few hotties out there with the same first and last initial, so let's count them down.


Top Ten Hottest Celebs We Want to Get Nude in 2018 Dobrev vampire return hd u 02 infobox d9cd50db featured

A new year is upon us, and as we set our personal goals for 2018, there are some goals we should all hope for. We should all wish health, happiness, and for some of the hottest celebrities who have yet to bare their goods to the world to finally do a nude scene. Let's start the year off right by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Should Get Nude in 2018!


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Can I just say how great it is that Gal Gadot everywhere? I mean, it's like really great. Really, really great. I'm just loving every single minute of this Gal Gadot everywhere!

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Montana Brown flash of panties on a night out Taxi Driver Movie

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Can we just talk about Gal Gadot for a minute? Just for like a quick couple of seconds, I promise it won't take up too much of your time, I know how busy we all are. So, yeah, Gal Gadot... she's like really hot. I mean, like super really mega awesome hot. Have any of you noticed that?


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Nadine Leopold nipples in see-through dress Taxi Driver Movie

Selena Gomez downblouse petting a dog The Nip Slip

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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities in Comic Book Movies Johansson iron2 hd s 03 infobox 44bf3e67 featured

On the 25th day of the month of September, we celebrate one of the grandest nerd holidays of all: National Comic Book Day! Of course, I don't have to tell you guys about it, I'm sure you have already sent your invites for the big party you're going to have with all your friends. So let's honor those awesome comic book superheroes and supervillains by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities in Comic Book Movies!


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities In Bikinis Jenniferlawrence esquirephotoshoot hd 9 infobox 951a507c featured

A couple of days ago marked the official start of summer. While for some summer means vacation, others summer is time for cookouts with friends and family, to me is summer is and always will be about one thing: bikinis. Yes, bikini seasons just might be the greatest season of all. So, let's grab our sunscreen and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities in Bikinis!

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Frenchy Morgan topless sunbathing Taxi Driver Movie

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Gal Gadot, Professional Bad Ass Screen shot 2017 06 08 at 4 17 55 pm 629773ca featured

We need no reminders of Gal Gadot's bad-assery - she's kicking ass in the Wonder Woman movie and she'll no doubt be kicking ass in more movies to come. But just because we know Gal Gadot is one of the sexiest ass-kickers on the planet doesn't mean we wouldn't mind a little reminder. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Gal Gadot showing off her workout and combat skills.


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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in April Jessica alba a42db9 infobox bdc584e8 featured

It is said that those born in the fourth month of the year, April, are very outgoing, firm in their beliefs, and when danger strikes, they don't back down. They care deeply for their friends and are always very affectionate and encouraging to those they love. And it shouldn't be surprising that those born in April just so happen to be some of the hottest people on the planet, so let's go ahead and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in April.


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Top Ten Hottest Razzie Awards Nominees of 2016 Gal gadot 371709 infobox 11b2d8ac featured

Every year the Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and many other shows honor the best and brightest of that year's filmmaking. While we can argue about the winners, when it comes to the worst films of the year, there is typically very little argument. And thankfully The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation makes sure we honor those truly horrible movies. With that in mind, we decided to take the best part of those awful movies - the hotties - and count them down.