A French & Naked Snuggle

Mar 18, 12 A French & Naked Snuggle

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Of course we always like witnessing full-on (simulated) movie sex, but playing voyeur to a sweet couple who just likes to hang out naked is a-okay with us.

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Doggystyle, Tit-Fucking, Buttplugs, Oh My!

Mar 06, 12 Doggystyle, Tit-Fucking, Buttplugs, Oh My!

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Oh, the things that bed must have seen! This sexy French couple are all up, over and around it, pulling out all the stops. It seems like there’s nothing they won’t do… How lucky for us.

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Blowjobs Are Fancy In France

Mar 04, 12 Blowjobs Are Fancy In France

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Or at least we like to think so, and this one certainly doesn’t let us down. It’s not without its accoutrements — we believe we spied a tongue ring in there.

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When A Sultry MILFette Meets A Crocodile…

Mar 03, 12 When A Sultry MILFette Meets A Crocodile…

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We can’t pretend to know what’s happening in this film clip. All we know is what we see, and that’s a seductive, naked French woman climbing into the mouth of a croc.

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Why All MILFs Need Big Backseats In Their Vehicles

Famed French MILF Lisa Sparrow was heading home from a threesome with some friends, and a bit of reminiscing started getting her hot and bothered. Fortunately, she could just hop in the backseat and rub one out! And that’s why we all need personal drivers and sex toys in the car. As of now, we’re founding M.A.D.D.:... read more

Lea Seydoux Knows Young Love Can Only Be Sustained With Lots Of Naked Make Outs

Naked make outs which she is thoroughly prepared to engage in, mind you: this is experienced naked actress Lea Seydoux, who makes out with ladies, mens, and (we assume) anyone else who happens to be her costar. If there’s anyone who can demonstrate how to keep the home fires burning, well, it’s Lea. ·... read more

A Hiccup Of Nudity

“Accident De Parcours” is a French made-for-television movie that translates, quite adorably, to “Hiccup.” The goofy title doesn’t do the pretty lighting and prettier toplessness justice, though. Here’s Caroline Proust’s character having a “night in,” or so it seems. Of course,... read more

A Carefully Coordinated Orgy

It’s as if they have a timer going; there’s no communication, but these men instinctually know when to switch off fucking this woman. And they’re using multiple kinds of recording devices without losing focus on the actual sex. We’re pretty impressed. But they are French, after all, and the popular belief... read more

A Glimpse Of Constance Dollé’s Angelic Parts

We weren’t able to discover what this French television show is all about, but we’re thrilled that it offers this, albeit brief, shot of Constance Dollé in the shower. Is she being surprised there, or just glancing about for possible “Psycho”-style knives coming at her? Nah, she’s too perky for that.... read more

Sasha Pivovarova Joins The Naked Party

Sasha Pivovarova is one of the few big-deal models we haven’t seen naked, ever. Please correct us if we’re wrong (seriously, please), but this marks the first time her breasts have been so gloriously free and uncovered in an editorial. At least, where they were the primary focus. Anja Rubik is also invited to this naked... read more

The French Know How Good They Have It

This made-for-TV movie, called “A French Life” was made by, well, the French. It appears to be an attempt to confirm/rub our noses in everything that we thought was great about French life. Sex, pretty young people, smoking, and life is all in black and white. We realize that if you’re the French, there’s... read more

A Glimpse Behind Laetitia Casta’s Walls

Did you know that “Derrière Les Murs” is the first French live-action movie shot in 3-D? Of course you didn’t! You were busy noticing the boobs! We’ve seen lot of Laetitia’s generous bounty, but that never stops us from appreciating more! Also, we have no idea what freaked her out so much that she... read more

The Accommodating Liza Del Sierra

Ahhhh! The French. The dusky, frank, and captivating Liza Del Sierra has been daintily stepping on the outstretched jaws of continental smut fans since 2005, but she has only recently been seen here. Hence her cock-gluttony. In French friend (6 Down: “Ami”) Manuel Ferrara’s “Evil Anal 14,” the... read more

Even French MILFs Make Us Drool

Ah, France. The land where women can wander around in wet white shirts in front of their children, and no one thinks it’s odd. This movie appears to be about a baby that sprouts angel wings, but it’s really about how frequently the filmmakers can get away with displaying Alexandra Lamy’s breasts. See, even when... read more

The Surreal Erotic Life Of Serge Gainsbourg

We’ve written about “Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque)” before, specifically Laetitia Casta’s stirring performance as Brigitte Bardot, but a biopic of the notorious womanizer has more to offer us, of course. Here we see Serge at the height of his sexual decadence, with what is apparently a puppet of the singer... read more

Not Countess Luann’s Secret Sex Tape

Actually, it’s just some French lady overcoming her camera shyness to give a spectacular blowjob. But we bet that the Real Housewife of New York would be flattered to hear we mistook an actual French person for her. We really love the vibe these people have going. It seems that there was an impromptu oral session in front of... read more

Reliving Adolescence Through Gym Sex

Remember all those mats that you had in gym class in high school? And how, in your horniest teenage moments you thought, “I wonder if those would be comfortable enough to have sex on?” Well, these people are going to show you. “Memory Lane” is a French film about a group of friends reuniting in their... read more

A Bonus French Blowjob Just For You!

Sailor already showed you a bunch of French people doing it today, but we figured one more wouldn’t hurt. Yes, French sex is extra rich and decadent, but we promise this won’t hurt your diet. And you know, they say that French women stay skinny because they snack throughout the day rather than bingeing on a few big... read more

Le Jour De Glorie: Top Ten Amateur French Sex Videos

In honor of Bastille Day being yesterday, here are ten couples who have at least one French person between the two of them. That’s confusing, yes, but what’s not confusing is how hot all these femmes are. The French come by their reputations as excellent lovers honestly, it seems. Doggystyle, lingerie, and anal play... read more

French Girl Has French Conversation, Topless And Smoking

We’re not saying cigarettes and toplessness are requirements of French girl conversation, but let’s be honest: we totally are. There’s a list of things we think of when we think of French girls, and smoking and nudity are high up on this list. Remember the motorcycle movie this morning? Well, believe it or not,... read more