Valerie & Alya (Hegre-Art)

Aug 28, 13 Valerie & Alya (Hegre-Art)

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Reminder: Frottage Is What’s Up

May 25, 12 Reminder: Frottage Is What’s Up

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It’s the weekend, it’s going to be a long weekend, and we bet some of you fine readers out there are anticipating having sex. That’s cool, you know, you do your thing; we just wanted you to know that penetration is played out. It sounds weird, it was decided last night by vote, and now all the cool people spend their days lying around, lubricating themselves, rubbing their stuff together, loving life.

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Staying Warm With A Bonfire And A Vagina

Feb 28, 12 Staying Warm With A Bonfire And A Vagina

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No matter how big your fire is, or how boozed-up your hot cocoa is, it’s tough to stay warm at the beach. Might as well do as this couple does and have a super hard banging session by the bonfire! The heat will make your loins glow better than any tingling lubricant ever could.

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Suds And A Slippery Slit

Feb 27, 12 Suds And A Slippery Slit

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It’s never a good idea to bring electronics in the bath with you, especially when you’re all slick with soap and horniness, but sometimes you need to film yourself masturbating in the tub for the good of humanity. It’s for the good of humanity!

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Nobody Doesn’t Like Female POV!

Feb 24, 12 Nobody Doesn’t Like Female POV!

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It’s fresh, it’s rare, and half the population never gets to see this view. We might miss seeing the pussy (we always miss the sight of vagina), but when the woman holds the camera, you get to feel the force of her being fucked, and that’s a unique treat.

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With "Vicarious," You Too Can Be Eaten Out By Skin Diamond!

In this all-vagina all-POV feature, Bobbi Starr steps into the role of stunt pussy and shows us what nine different pornstars look like with their faces buried in her bush. Who knew that Kimberly Kane, Dylan Ryan, Jiz Lee, and Skin Diamond all look super hot with a mustache? At first glance, “Vicarious” looks like a... read more

Masturbate On XTube, And The World Masturbates With You

Guys, admit it: you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have a vagina, pull your panties aside, and lie around playing with your clit. Thanks to this delicacy called “female POV porn,” you can live that fantasy! And gals, you know what the prophet Tiresias said about gender and sexual pleasure:... read more

This Big Dick Right Here Is For The Ladies

But it’s also for the fellas, too. Everyone can enjoy a bit of female POV missionary because we get a fresh view on the action and some extremely sexy sounds from the female. It’s slow, it’s so deep he hits the bottom, and she loves it. We’re quite impressed with her ability to film, keep her heels on his... read more

Of Plump Pussy Lips And Fingertips

You know those times when you feel so close to bursting that if you so much as think about touching yourself, you’ll come? This woman is having such a time. So what does she do? She puts a clip on her pussy. That’s one way to handle the issue! In fact, it’s probably the best reset button she could ask for,... read more

Feminine Mystique: Top Ten Amateur Female POV Sex Videos

We can’t always illuminate what women want, but we can at least show you what women see! There’s no reason that your girl can’t take over the job of cameraperson once in a while, and the results are certainly a nice change of pace. We love having the female perspective on everything else, so why not sex? And... read more

Anne Coesens Learns "Le Secret" Of Great Cunnilingus

Tony Todd only demands one thing of Anne as he stands over her: “open your legs.” He wants to see her, all of her, and he keeps his eyes on target as he lowers his head between her thighs. Oh damn, why is “Le Secret” so hot? And why did we briefly confuse it with “The Secret” which is not hot at... read more

Clothes Don’t Make The Woman, But The Lingerie Makes The Sex

We know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but we have to appreciate the way this woman adorns her body with lingerie. It takes this POV extravaganza from chill to thrilling. And who doesn’t like unwrapping a present like this? Never forget folks: you can’t spell lingerie without... read more

She Must’ve Purchased That Dildo At Costco

There is no other explanation for why it is so damn huge. That is the kind of dildo you buy when you need to stock up on dildo because you’re tired of always making trips to the local sex toy bodega. Then again, it’s not like we haven’t seen women enjoying SCUD-sized sex toys before. Remember Sarah Shevon from... read more

Welcome To The Futon Dungeon

The Futon Dungeon is your one stop shop for all your hardcore bondage face-fucking needs. We also specialize in chilling out, playing PlayStation, and making beds out of things that are not really beds. We were all set to rip this video apart—mostly for mentioning the futon—but we’re actually pretty enamored with... read more

Homegrown Fresh Squeezed Tit Fuck

Look at this: all the ingredients for making a phenomenal titfucking video. Everything is perfect, down to the woman’s upside-down smile. We almost never want the cumshot to happen, just so this video never has to end in our minds. But of course, we want the cumshot to happen, and so do they. Still, when he stands up and we... read more