TGIERIL: Thank God It's Emily Ratajkowski in Lingerie! Emily ratajkowski  cream lemon us 2018 06 d01021fd featured

TGIF, or Thank God It's Friday, has had a good run, but now it's time to retire the saying. Sure, we can still celebrate the fact that it's Friday and the weekend is one day away, but there is something else that we should be more thankful for and something happens almost as often as Fridays: Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie! So, say it with me people: TGIERIL!

Emily Ratajkowski in Lingerie Will Never Get Old L4pyvs0g o 6b67d3a5 featured

If we sat here and counted the number of times we've all seen Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie, we'd be here all day. To say hundreds of times might be selling it short. Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie is a fantastic sight, each and every time we see it. Unlike everything else in this world, Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie will never get old.

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Those Are Some Nice Rings Over Your Boob, Emily Ratajkowski Er dea4fd1d featured

We have seen Emily Ratajkowski in bras of all colors, some with lace, some more see-through than others, and some that are barely there, but of all the bras she has worn in her career I think ring filled hand bra is probably the best of all them. Yes, this hand bra really does bring out the best of Emily Ratajkowski's boobs.

Smile, Emily Ratajkowski Is Nude 64365419 mq3 3e0c9d81 featured

I don't know what it is, but whenever someone tells me to smile or says; "say cheese!" before taking a picture I instantly frown. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember and I don't really know why. Maybe I'm just being stubborn or maybe I don't like being told what to do, I can't answer. Really if you want to me grinning from year to year you should say "Smile, Emily Ratajkowski is nude!"

We Love You, Emily Ratajkowski! Treats ratajkowski 02 infobox 7e8b13a9 featured

Every once in awhile, it's important to take a few moments and take stock of all the good things in your life. From a good job to a strong family to close friends, and let's not forget your baseball card collection or that old car you're restoring, getting a reminder of the good stuff can help put things in prescriptive. So, let's take a few moments and take stock of one of our favorite things: Emily Ratajkowski.

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Walk Away Emily Ratajkowski, Walk Away Er b2bb6a8b featured

Certain sayings we all use are quite a mystery to me. I can't help but wonder where did come from, who first said them, and why of all the other sayings did that one stick. Then I watch Emily Ratajkowski walking across the street in leggings and I know the origin of, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away."

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Emily Ratajkowski Nude In Bed Is A Dream Come True Er cd61da04 featured

Look, I could sit here and try to be all fancy about Emily Ratajkowski nude in a bed, but let's just be honest with ourselves. There is no word salad tasty to fully describe Emily Ratajkowski nude in a bed. This is one of those times that you just have to let your eyes do all the talking.

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Perhaps you're in the middle of preparing the tradition big feast for your friends or you're packing up to hit the road and spend time with your family, but it's important that we all take a moment and remember what this holiday is all about. Hats. That's right, National Hat Day is all about hats. Sure, it might be about friends and family now, but the original purpose of National Hat Day was to celebrate hats. Let's all take a few moments out of our celebrations and honor hats by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities in Hats.

A Nude Emily Ratajkowski Is a Work of Art Er 305ccb9d featured

I'm not just saying that Emily Ratajkowski nude is a work of art just because she's doing a fantastic imitation of Botticelli's famous The Birth of Venus painting - I'm saying it because Emily Ratajkowski has to have been sculpted by the world's greatest artists and then brought life by some magic spell. Honestly, that's the only way possible for someone this hot to roaming around our little blue dot.


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It's Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Hot Tub Time! Yea! Er 2d44e3b5 featured

Of all the wonderful things about this season; the freshly falling snow, the glow on the faces of the strangers, and the smell of cookies straight from the oven, my favorite has to be Emily Ratajkowski bikini hot tub time. Yes, there is nothing better to a smile on my face than Emily Ratajkowski rocking a thong bikini while hanging out in a hot tub.

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