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Not being one of those lucky people to have three names that sound really cool together, I have always had a bit of jealousy on my part for those who can pull off the whole three names things. I'm not saying that people with three names are cooler than all us simple folks with only two names, but I will say that people with three names tend to be pretty damn cool. They also tend to be some of the hottest, so let's count down the top ten hottest celebrities with three names.


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Not too long along ago, Buzzfeed came out with a list of 17 traits that describe all girls named Emily. While the list was pretty comprehensive (well, as comprehensive as a list on Buzzfeed can be) they left off one important trait for girls named Emily: Typically they are pretty damn hot.

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Emily Bett Rickards Wearing Pasties! Emily Bett Rickards Wearing Pasties! Emily Bett Rickards Wearing Pasties! Emily bett rickards 011416a featured

Okay, I can’t do it, I just can’t. I’m trying as hard as I can to keep it together, but Emily Bett Rickards rocking cleavage, a see-through top, and… and… pasties. Pasties. Emily Bett Rickards pasties – AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

Emily Bett Rickards and Katie Cassidy Together in Bikinis Is Too Much Sexy Nerdiness for One to Take Ebr10 featured

Oh my good lord, my nerd world just exploded with the idea that Emily Bett Rickards and Katie Cassidy are BFFs. They are vacationing together and both looking super hot in bikinis. Damn, I don’t know if my little nerd heart that take all this nerd hotness in one place.

Emily Bett Rickards In A Bikini Will Make More Than Just Nerds Happy Ebr1 featured

Rejoice, fellow nerds, for this one is for you: Emily Bett Rickards frolicking in the ocean while rocking a bikini. Sure, non-nerds will also enjoy it, but for all those out there who wear their nerd badge with pride, Emily Bett Rickards showing off her beautiful body in a two-piece is something a little extra special.

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