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As we celebrate those who have served in the highest office in the land, it's important to remember the difficulty and honor that comes with being President of the United States of America. Whether they were great leaders in times of crisis, fantastic policymakers, or too fat to get out of the bathtub, being the president is not for everyone. So, to honor all the great Presidents, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With Presidential Last Names.

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The question of whether or not Dora Madison is hot isn't up for debate, but over the past few weeks, it seems that Dora Madison has gotten hotter. Just look her last couple of Instagram posts and then look at this new one of her in rather revealing bra and panty set and tell me that she isn't getting hotter. I dare you to tell me Dora Madison isn't getting hotter.


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It's pretty plain to see that Dora Madison is looking all different kinds of hot in this "top" or whatever, but the real questions one has to be asking themselves right now is whether or not Dora Madison is going to wear this thing and will there be more pictures of her in this thing and can we please have more pictures of Dora Madison in this thing and why is it taking so long for there to be more pictures of Dora Madison in this thing?!?


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Okay, so I took the quick pun, but hopefully a nude Dora Madison will help you to look past a little wordplay. After all, what wouldn't we look past to see a nude Dora Madison? The answer is everything. We would look past everything to see Dora Madison nude.

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