Demi Lovato Goes Topless(ish)! Demi lovato horny 2 3319809d featured

I think we are all waiting and hoping and dreaming that the day will come when Demi Lovato will go topless. We've gotten lots of cleavage, sideboob, touch of underboob here and there, and of course, a few great looks at her rear end. Yet, we all find ourselves still wondering if we will ever see Demi Lovato topless. Well, today is... almost that day. Demi Lovato is topless.


Sweet Underboob, Demi Lovato! Demi locato underboob6 75945251 featured

For a long time now, we've all known about Demi Lovato's really great cleavage. It's something we've seen a number of times, and seeing it never gets old. But did you know that Demi Lovato also has some pretty sweet underboob? Well, if you didn't, get ready to learn your new fact of the day!


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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Believe in Aliens Weaver alien 748853 infobox 89dc2db3 featured

Not too long ago, we celebrated Alien Day, a day in which many of us revel in the fun of all the aliens in movies, televisions, and books that have made our lives a little more fun to live. But there are some out there who believe that we are not alone in the universe. They point to crop circles, strange lights in the sky, and of course, Roswell. And would you believe that some of those true believers also happen to be pretty hot. So, let's climb in our flying saucers and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Believe in Aliens.


Demi Lovato Always Finds the Greatest Swimwear Demi lovato in swimsuit 09 98b91911 featured

Honestly, I thought nothing would ever make the one-piece bathing suit sexier than a zipper. Zippers on bathing suits just make the normal, run of the mill, everyday one-piece bathing suit into something that drives us crazy. But apparently, there is something out there that might just be as sexy, if not a little sexier, than the zipper on the one-piece. That would be Demi Lovato in the super low-cut one-piece.


Demi Lovato Shows a Lotta Cleavage on Snapchat Screen shot 2017 04 19 at 9 03 45 am 1d64e1c7 featured

We can go on and on and back and forth and up and down about the point of social media. Some might say it's to stay connected to friends and family who live far away, while others think it's all about showing off their daily life. But for me, social media is all about celebrities showing off their hotness. Demi Lovato has been excelling at this - she's kind of making it an art - as we can clearly see from her cleavage-tastic Snapchat.


Demi Lovato: World-Traveler, Bikini-Wearer Screen shot 2017 01 13 at 12.57.24 pm featured

One thing I have noticed about those who love to travel is they can't wait to see another culture. They can't wait to get out and explore new lands, meet new people, and try new things. I believe Demi Lovato has all these traits, and more, inside of her. But of all her desire to travel one thing she never forgets is how freaking amazing she looks in a bikini. I mean, if you are going to travel to Africa you might as well take a bikini selfie and post it on Snapchat.

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We all know from the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" that jolly old Saint Nick makes two lists everywhere: one nice and one naughty. Those who are nice get presents and those who are naughty get lumps of coal. Presents are great and all, but really the best gifts don't come in boxes or bags. It's that warm feeling you get when you look at a bunch of super hot celebrities. So, why not get start the gift giving early and countdown on the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities on the Nice List?

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Sexy Pictures Of Demi Lovato Are Great Stress Reliever Nick jonas and demi lovato 04q bb19 fea billboard 1240 i featured

It has been a rather crazy week for me, and if you are like me and looking for a way to just let all that stress go, then I want to let you in on my secret: staring at sexy pictures of Demi Lovato.

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It's Totally Possible Demi Lovato Would Roll Around A Bed Naked For Fun Dl3 featured

While I’m 99% sure these pictures of Demi Lovato rolling around in a bed completely nude are production stills for am upcoming music video, 1% of me really wants to believe that Demi Lovato just wanted to roll around in a bed nude while someone captured the moment.

Here's Some Demi Lovato Cleavage to Help You Relax Screen shot 2016 01 20 at 9.20.23 am featured

There are days when we all want to just kick back in our favorite chair and just stare out into the world. Sadly, most of us can’t really do that because of work, family, and other random commitments. Luckily, Demi Lovato can do this for us, and look super sexy while doing it.

Bathing Suited Demi Looks Yummy While Out For A Swimy Dl016 featured

Demi Lovato won the lotto when it comes to fines asses which she shows off in a one-piece at St. Bart's.