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Danica Patrick Is Dancing in Her Undies Dp 4e05053b featured

When you cut-a-rug, as the kids say, you've got to be able to let loose. The dance floor, be it a real dance floor or your living room or some photography studio, is a place to be free. And there is no better way to be free than with no pants on. Just take it from Danica Patrick, the only way to dance is sans pants.

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That Danica Patrick Sure Is Flexible Dp b2946640 featured

Look, I have no idea what skills one needs to drive a race car, other than good vision. But if yoga helps Danica Patrick drive fast, then I am all for it. Hell, if it doesn't help, I still want Danica Patrick to be doing yoga every day because my god, she's one hell of a flexible woman.


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Isabella Fuhrman cameltoe at the market Taxi Driver Movie

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Is Danica Patrick Just Sexy for a Living Now? Screen shot 2016 10 28 at 10.19.50 am featured

When you assume it makes an ass out of you and me. We all know this to be true, but I feel like at times, it’s kind of needed. Like right now. I’m watching Danica Patrick do probably the sexiest handstand of all times and the only think I can think of is I assume Danica Patrick is sexy for a living.

What Should We Call A Post Workout Danica Patrick Selfie? Dp featured

The term “selfie” in general is used to describe any picture taken of yourself with your phone and/or camera. But I really feel like we need to find phrases to distinguish the different type of selfies. For instance we have the mirror selfie or the nude selfie, but we need something for when Danica Patrick snaps a selfie of herself after a workout.

There Needs to Be Yoga Sports So Danica Patrick Can Win Them Dp1 featured

While I feel that I should be rambling on and on about how incredibly flexible Danica Patrick is, I really just want to point out that she is rocking hammer pants. Not only is Danica Patrick wearing hammer pants, but she’s making them sexy, and that takes some true talent.

Sand Has Never Been Sexier Thanks to Danica Patrick's Ass Danica patrick feet 1875701 1024x1024 featured

People constantly say that you shouldn’t be jealous of anyone or anything and that really the grass is not always greener on the other side. But sometimes you can’t help but be jealous. Right now, I’m totally jealous of sand. Well, I should say I’m jealous of the sand that is stuck on Danica Patrick’s ass.

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What Color Are Your Panties, Danica Patrick? Danica patrick 071715 featured

I’m sure being a cab driver you get all sorts of passengers riding in the backseat of your cab. Drunk people, crazy people, probably a person or two who are crying, but when you get a Nascar driver in your backside, would you be a little more nervous? Especially if that Nascar driver happens to be the incredibly hot Danica Patrick and she also happens to flash her undies.

Danica Patrick Proves Nascar Needs More Yoga Screen shot 2015 07 01 at 7.41.29 pm featured

Many people out there don’t really consider race car drivers to be athletes. All they do is a drive a really fast and make four left turns, how much of an athlete does one have to be to accomplish this? Well, the honest truth is you do need to be one hell of an athlete. I mean, look at Danica Patrick and tell me she doesn’t have the body of an athlete, a really hot, flexible, sexy athlete.

Danica Patrick's Pops Up Behind The Scenes 20140217danica featured

After starring in so many saucy commercials, it's almost hard to believe that Danica "GoDaddy Girl" Patrick doesn't actually pose topless--and even harder to believe that the first place we'd spy her nipple would be a casual behind the scenes shot from the set of a Sports Illustrated shoot.

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This Ain't Danica Patrick Or: Flossing With Brooklyn Lee Xlarge e256ae41dd22ed858ee42f7ff45f0339 web