Damn, Hailee Steinfeld. Damn. 55814036 55808143 55806276 2017 12 01 cosmopolitan usa 152 ac8f8597 featured

Well, once again, we are in that oh-so-familiar place. A place that we get to go every so often when the stars and moon are aligned, the heavens and earth are on equal footing, and some sexy celebrity is being super amaze-balls awesome hot. This time around it's none other than Hailee Steinfeld. And in these times, we say the only thing we can say: Damn, Hailee Steinfeld. Damn.


Kate Hudson Is So Hot She Needs to Get Topless Again 50375052 6 a0efaba9 featured

Sorry folks, there is no way to beat around the bush with this one. I'd like to come up something clever about workout clothes or create some kind of awesome pun about balls, but damn it, I can't bring myself to do it. Kate Hudson is simply too hot and she needs to go topless again.


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