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The name Claire comes from Latin adjective "clarus," meaning bright or clear. It tends to be one of the more popular names and that's not really all that surprising. You have to admit that when you hear the name Claire, you often perk up a bit and you never really know why. It's because Claires tend to be pretty darn hot. So, let's get all bright and clear and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Named Claire!


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I'm not sure if the Emmy Awards are the official start of the awards seasons or if it's some other award show. All I can tell you is that this year's nominees are wall-to-wall to sexy. And what better way to congratulate all the nominees than by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Emmy Nominees of 2017?!

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Your Day Begins As Her Intense, Shuddering Orgasm Ends Shudderingrice web

There's good symbolism in this: the end of one great event heralds the beginning of the next, Claire Foy is slowly being lulled to sleep by her orgasm just as you start to shake the sleep from your eyeballs. Are these two youngsters overacting? Yes, definitely, but if we had a chance to climax violently on BBC2, we'd make it long and grimy (like dubstep).