Christina Aguilera in a Bubble Bath Is Rub-a-DuB-Reffic Ca 31b902e8 featured

Really, I don't need to do much describing. The words that I would pick wouldn't even come close to truly describing Christina Aguilera in a bubble bath. Actually, that might all the words I need - it's Christina Aguilera in a bathtub filled with bubbles showing off her amazing body. Yeah, that'll work.


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The new live-action Beauty and the Beast raked in over $170 million in its opening weekend. It's really not all that surprising, as Disney knows how to tell the tale as old as time of a beauty falling in love with a Beast/Man who lives all alone in a castle with singing furniture. It's a story we can all relate to. In honor of the movie's success, we thought we'd celebrate by counting down the Top Ten Disney Hotties.


Top Ten Hottest Celebrities on the Naughty List Lohan the canyons 731660 infobox featured

We all know that Santa makes two lists every year: a nice list and a naughty list. Those on the nice list get presents and those on the naughty list get lumps of coal. And while that might be true for some on the naughty list, I have a feeling that Santa might give some gifts to a few of those on the naughty list. To help Santa out, here is the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities on the Naughty List...list.

Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Named Christina Milian love advent 779151 infobox featured

If you are like me, odds are when you were growing up there was one point in your life when you had a crush on someone named Christina. Whether it was the girl next door or the most beautiful girl in school, I think we all know a Christina who was the most beautiful girl we ever knew at one point. With that in mind, we decided what better way to honor Christina's all over world then by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Named Christina.

Christina Aguilera's Body Is Hot Enough to Worship Screen shot 2015 08 13 at 10.06.15 am featured

The word shrine comes from the Latin "scrinium," which means case or chest for books or papers, as well as the Old French term escrin, also meaning box or case. A shrine is where one keeps an important relic or holy item so it can be worshipped. While I think Christina Aguilera might be in a bathroom, it looks more like a shrine to me because her bikini body should be worshipped.

Top 10 Former Disney Girls Gone Wild Anne hathaway featured

Disney has always been a great resource for child stars turned adult actresses, but many of them have a hard time shaking that squeaky clean Disney label. A bunch have managed to break free of it entirely, however, thanks to nudity. Today we're looking at ten of our favorites who started off as members of the Disney family, and it was all because they decided to go nude on film!

Christina Aguilera Wants To Pose For Playboy Aguilera featured

Christina Aguilera is getting more daring with age. The once notoriously modest vocalist just posed nude and pregnant for V Magazine, and now she wants to pose for Playboy... after the baby's born.

Christina Aguilera Lets Her Genie Out of the Bottle Christina aguilera 080114a featured

Like any pregnant woman, a blessed event like the coming-any-minute pregnancy that Christina Aguilera is obviously showing is a time to prepare: baby proof the house, paint the nursery, buy onsies and bottles to store all that sweet breast milk you're big, bigger, biggest boobs are fast producing. Yes, all that, but also pose naked for a celebrity rag, too, for if your belly bump isn't documented you can't write it off as a business expense.

Hey, You Guys Wanna See Christina Aguilera's Vagina? Christina aguilera 2011 american music awards featured

Christina Aguilera's vagina was trending on social media thanks to this pic.

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Buy Christina Aguilera's Album, See Her Nipple Christinaseeth web

Bad news: we don't know which album this supposed piece of album art comes from, so you may have to buy all of her CDs (the actual CDs) and flip through the booklets until you find it. Good news: you can skip all that flipping we mentioned earlier and look at this picture here because Xtina's nipple is most certainly visible through that dress.

Christina Aguilera Earns Her Keep (With Cleavage!) Xlarge christina aguilera voice pop 01 web

Christina Aguilera's Still Cameltoeing After All These Months 340x christina aguilera cameltoe 010311a web