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While this Instagram post of Charlotte McKinney holding her own boobs is wonderful, it got me thinking - weren't we supposed to have a topless Charlotte McKinney by now? I swear there was some famous photographer snapping some pictures of Charlotte McKinney and we got a peek at her boob, but I can't for the life of me remember if those pictures came out. So... where is topless Charlotte McKinney?


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Where Have You Been, Charlotte McKinney?! Charlotte mckinney 1 797c441e featured

It just hit me as I was flipping through these few incredible pics of Charlotte McKinney: These are the first new Charlotte McKinney pics I have seen in... I don't know how long. Where have you been, Charlotte McKinney?! Are you mad at us?! Why can't we have new sexy pics of you every week?!


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Let's be honest, if there was a "Spend the Day with Charlotte McKinney" contest, we'd all enter as many times as possible and/or find a way to win at all cost. Since that will probably never happen we can still totally get a look into what it might be like to spend a couple hours with one of the world's hottest models thanks to this pretty awesome video.

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To say Charlotte McKinney is one of the most beautiful people in the universe is putting it lightly. She's quite possibly in possession of some kind of magical object (or objects) that gives her the ability to appear hotter than the last time we saw her. And maybe one day we'll see these magical objects and truly understand her beauty. If you hadn't caught on yet, I'm talking about her boobs.


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Look, these pictures of Charlotte McKinney are awesome, they really are. She looks amazing completely nude while holding a bunch of flowers, but if I'm being honest here, all I can think about is the fact soon we will get to see Charlotte McKinney's unobstructed boobs.


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Get the nude 411 from Natasha!

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Probably one of the least sexiest things most normal people can attempt is to be sexy on a car. I'm sorry, but climbing on a car is truly an art and not something for the general public. If you are going to climb on a car you better be a topless Charlotte McKinney. And if you are a topless Charlotte McKinney, then just stick to standing by the car.

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The Time Is Now! Charlotte McKinney Is Topless! Mckinney  charlotte 104 74d5160c featured

I don't believe in miracles, but damn it, people I think we created one. All of our hopes and our wishes and our prayers and everything else in between looks as if it worked. Charlotte McKinney is going topless!

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For many, the New Year is a great time for reflection, to look back on all the things you have done and all the things you didn't get done. The New Year is the perfect time to give some serious thought to the future, to make plans, and set goals. And if you are a celebrity, maybe this is the year to say yes to a certain role - you agree to a movie that you normally would pass on, and maybe, just maybe, 2017 is the year you finally go nude.

Charlotte McKinney Sure Is Dreamy B8b3sp1c featured

I have no idea if there is an actual hotel in NYC called the Dream Hotel or if it's some kind of hotel industry magazine, but whoever came up with the idea to put Charlotte McKinney in these photos should get a raise. After all, when it comes to dreaming, Charlotte McKinney tends to be the star of many of ours.

"The Late Bloomer" Trailer Will Make You Blossom with Excitement Lb featured

These days, it seems like every single movie is a remake or reboot of something else. And if it’s not a reboot or remake, it’s the same damn story we’ve heard a million times before. So, when you see a trailer for movie with a story you’ve seen before, you really do take notice. Also, it helps to have Charlotte McKinney and a topless Roxanna Dunlop featured in the trailer.