We Can’t Get Enough Of Kate Upton’s Lingerie

And she can’t get enough of showing it to us! Oh Kate, if you’re trying to make a name for yourself through careful deployment of sexy photos…it’s definitely working.... read more

Did Stephanie Seymour Spend A Topless Weekend In St. Barts?

That’s the claim being made by the person who posted these photos…but we’re not one hundred percent sure we believe it. Firstly, the photos are a little too blurry to tell; secondly, we remember Ms. Seymour as a brunette. But who’s to say that this anonymous photographer didn’t capture a very blurry,... read more

What Color Are Your Panties, Martina Colombari?

That devious grin on her face says it all: she may try to pretend that this panty slip was “accidental,” but we know how much Italian model/actress Martina Colombari is enjoying her moment of exposure.... read more

Paz De La Huerta, Brought To You By The Letter S!

Because we simply cannot function without a semi-regular dose of Paz de la Huerta in our lives, we present this photo from S Magazine. How badly did we need this photo? Not intensely, since we just had a motion picture of our beloved Paz, and motion trumps still every time. However, we relish the chance to see her tits, especially... read more

Lily Allen Goes From "Riches To Rags" To Exposed Boobs

Lily Allen’s never been particularly shy about getting her kit off, but there’s something particularly wonderful about the casual way she exposes her breasts in “Riches to Rags” (a documentary about her launching a clothing shop with her sister). It doesn’t come across as seductive, or even an attempt... read more

What Color Are Your Panties, Taylor Swift?

Oh Taylor…after a promising introduction, your panties started giving us the cold shoulder. But here they are again…did that gold fringed dress brings out your inner exhibitionist? If so, can you maybe arrange to wear it all the time? [Photo source: Pacific Coast News... read more

Sharon Stone Has Still Got It

And by “it,” we mean the willingness to show off her sexy bits to an adoring public. Yes, years after she taught us just what her basic instinct was, the femme fatale is still hitting the town, nipples apoppin’. Never change, Sharon. Please…just…never change. · See more at The Nip Slip... read more

Too Hot For GQ: Rachel Bilson’s Nipple

You may have ooed and ahhed over GQ’s February 2008 spread of Rachel Bilson (we know we certainly did. But it seems that all that time, GQ was holding out on us. They had nipple pics, and they didn’t share! Or at least one nipple picture, which has just surfaced as an outtake from the shoot. Sadly, Rachel isn’t... read more

The (Alleged!) Secret Life Of Renee Olstead

Well, it never rains, but then it pours…celebrity nudes. If Alexa Nikolas and Vanessa Hudgens weren’t enough for you, we’ve now discovered alleged nudes of actress Renee Olstead—who, ironically, stars in “Secret Life of the American Teenager.” The 20some cellphone snaps display Olstead (or someone... read more

Alleged New Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens And Alexa Nikolas Leaked Online

Over the weekend, one of our sources discovered new photos purporting to be leaked snapshots of Vanessa Hudgens and Alexa Nikolas on a (now defunct) Flickr account. Sadly, the images are censored…but we suspect the originals will surface soon enough. By our count, this marks Vanessa Hudgens’s third leaked photo scandal... read more

Brooklyn Decker Finally Goes Topless

Brooklyn Decker’s nipples have been shamelessly flirting with us for the last few months—but at long last, they’ve decided that they’re ready for a commitment. By which we mean, full topless visibility. Thank you, Brooklyn!... read more

Eva Amurri Decorates The Pages Of Maxim With Her Amazing Décolletage

Much as we’ve been digging the latest season of “Californication,” we have to admit that we really miss having Eva Amurri (and her gorgeous breasts) on the show. And though she’s wearing clothes in her Maxim shoot (well, sort of) it’s still boobtastic enough to get our heart fluttering in the way that... read more

Jessie Wallace Knows How To Make An Impression

We’ve only just met the British actress, but with this kind of fashion sense (and those very lovely nipples), we’re sure it’s the beginning of a most beautiful friendship.... read more

The Way To Kelly Brook’s Heart Is Through Her Cameltoe

At least, that’s what a fortune cookie told us once. Or, well, that’s what we think it said—it was a late night, and there was a lot of drinking involved. But we’re sticking with that story.... read more

Malin Akerman Is Happy, Knows It

And boy, oh boy, do her nipples show it. (thenipslip.com) read more

Megan Fox Busts Out Some Sweet Cleavage

Just in case you were looking for more reasons to adore Megan Fox: her ability (and willingness) to rock this bustacular ensemble is more than enough reason for us to sing her praises.... read more

What Color Is Your Bra, Sofia Vergara?

Yesterday we saw Sofia Vergara’s nipple on national TV, now she’s walking around with her bra hanging out. Is she trying to tell us something? Well, whatever it is, it’s very sexy (and we would love to see more). [Photo source: Pacific Coast... read more

Tila Tequila Promotes The Sex Tape She "Doesn’t" Want You To See With Prank Video

To the five of you who still believe that “Tila Tequila Uncorked” was released without the consent of Tila Tequila herself: a quick look at this Egotastic “prank” video, where Tila surprises unsuspecting “Uncorked” viewers, should quickly dispel that notion. Unless, you know, you can think of some... read more

Sofia Vergara’s Primetime Nip Slip!

Who’d a thunk that we’d get a post out of something on ABC? We didn’t, but then Sofia Vergara slipped a nip on “Modern Family”! If anyone asks, tell them that we only watch “Modern Family” for Sofia Vergara. Priceless. Now we can finally stop watching “Modern Family.” Although... read more

Nicky Whelan’s Assets Unveiled In This Clip From "Hall Pass"

We knew it was only a matter of time until a clip of Nicky Whelan topless in “Hall Pass” surfaced online. And, hey, we were right! You’ve waited so many days—dive in and experience Nicky’s goods for yourself. And while you’re freely ogling her freed ladybits, take a minute to take in the... read more