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If I was to say Bo Derek, odds are the first thing that pops into your mind is that famous scene of her on the beach from the movie 10 (1979). Well, I guess it could be some other scene of her nude on a beach - she has a few - but you know what I'm trying to get at. When I first laid eyes on Asa Stensson nude on the beach, my first thought was she was a 10.


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Top Ten Hottest Female Celebrities With Traditionally Male Names Blake lively 47dbb9 infobox b462ae9f featured

While to some people a name is everything, other's say, what's in a name? A name can define you, but a name can also be completely wrong for you. Whether you're old fashioned or you consider yourself trendy, one thing we can all agree on is there are some super hot female celebrities with traditionally male names. So, to honor those sexy few let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Female Celebrities With Male Names.

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Not too long ago we took a trip down memory lane to the wonderful 1990s and looked at the best boobs of that decade. Well, I guess we are still feeling pretty nostalgic because we are feeling that urge to break out our portable CD players, our Tamagotchi pets, and run around in our moon shoes. Since we aren't done with the 90s we might as well countdown the Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Butts of the 90s.

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As we all know, Playboy recently decided to go non-nude and our hearts sank. For many of us, Playboy gave us our first glimpse at a beautiful nude woman, and believing those days of the glossy nudes would be over was simply too much for us to bear. But then, a miracle: Playboy declared it had come to its senses and decided to go back to having nudes. What better way to celebrate this wonderful return to sanity then by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities to Pose for Playboy?


Bo Derek is Looking Mighty Fine Indeed Bd019 featured

Bo Derek is truly inspirational. With that sexy cleavage of hers, and that fantastic fit tight toned bod she just keeps on rockin', Bo Derek truly does look mighty fine indeed. Who could forget the moment this perfect 10 first jogged her way into our hearts.

Bo Derek Objectified Herself, Your Dad Would Still Bang Her Bo derek featured featured

Bo Derek, your dad's go-to point of comparison for every woman you happen to casually mention as being hot, has decided to reflect on her life and career. In addition to the usual rote points that all stars of a certain age love to hammer home, Derek also admits that she objectified herself early in her career, and frankly, your dad doesn't give a shit because he'd still bang her.