Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Can Cook Chrissy teigen b7dfaa infobox 2654773b featured

They say that anyone can boil water, but it takes a real master to make a meal. If you happen to be someone lucky enough to know your way around a kitchen, please invite your friends over who can barely work the microwave. Whether it's a passion, a stress reliever, or just a fun hobby being in the kitchen is a dream from some people. And sometimes the oven isn't the hottest thing in the kitchen. Let's crank up the burners and count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Can Cook.

Blake Lively Is Looking Lovely as Ever Bl 2b5bd3c0 featured

While we never should assume, I'm going to assume the gentlemen beside Blake Lively is some kind of personal trainer. Though, I'm not really sure why Blake Lively needs a trainer. She has the magical powers to just be hot. She doesn't need any help with it.

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Blake Lively's Nude Debut And Dakota Johnson's Slap-Happy Scenes! Blake lively 0b4919 infobox 497a062c featured

These tits will make your snake lively!

Top Ten Hottest Female Celebrities With Traditionally Male Names Blake lively 47dbb9 infobox b462ae9f featured

While to some people a name is everything, other's say, what's in a name? A name can define you, but a name can also be completely wrong for you. Whether you're old fashioned or you consider yourself trendy, one thing we can all agree on is there are some super hot female celebrities with traditionally male names. So, to honor those sexy few let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Female Celebrities With Male Names.

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Amanda Holden white panties upskirt Taxi Driver Movie

Christina Milian pokies in green The Nip Slip

Blake Lively pokies dressed like a banana Drunken Stepfather

Hayley Atwell major league cleavage (header image) Egotastic

Kathleen Sorbara big breasts barely contained Egotastic All Stars

Anya Ivy is a spiritual bohemian babe Boobie Blog

Britney Spears makes a painting in a bra WWTDD

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India Westbrook nipples in see-through top Taxi Driver Movie

Kourtney Kardashian in a see-through corset top The Nip Slip

Bella Thorne titty grab dance of the day Drunken Stepfather


Arianny Celeste kills it on Instagram (header image) Egotastic

Mila Azul studiously nude Egotastic All Stars


Bridgette B is An Inconvenient Mistress Boobie Blog

Blake Lively talks about her first nude scene WWTDD

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Oh, Blake Lively, You Have Such Hotness to Share Blake lively for glamour magazine september 2017  8 6bc12a8f featured

As much as I want to come up with some clever pun about Blake Lively looking sexy and making me feel lively, I just can't do it. She's just so damn hot that all I can think about is how wonderful it would be if she went topless. Blake Lively has so much more hotness to give the world.


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Nina Agdal's nipples in see-through top Taxi Driver Movie

Blake Lively hot in a magazine Drunken Stepfather

Amber Rose cleavage and long hair (header image) Egotastic

Cassie Audiffrin topless in black and white Egotastic All Stars

Angela White is a midnight cowgirl Boobie Blog

Taylor Swift v Katy Perry in the battle of who could care less WWTDD

Summertime Playlist: Girls in Pools Mr. Skin

Girlfriend enjoys a rough pounding on the couch WTF People

Vivid Has Released Their Sex Tape Wishlist For 2017 Beyonce knowles 0a0624 infobox web featured

Who do you want to see fuck on camera in 2017?

Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born In August Theron reindeer hd n 09 infobox featured

When most people think about the month of August (if anyone actually thinks about a month) they think of the dog days of summer, fall being around the corner, people going to school, and of course August is National Catfish Month. But did you also know that August happens to be the birth month of the some of the hottest celebrities?

Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With Curly Hair Temple afternoon delight 734718 infobox featured

Believe it or not, but around 50 percent of all women (and men) have curly hair. Sure, it might be wavy or the curls could be so small that you wouldn’t think anything of it. But one thing that's for sure is there are some incredibly beautiful curly haired celebrities so, let’s count them down.

"The Shallows" Is Getting Good Reviews So, That Means More Blake Lively, Right? Bl5 featured

Much to my surprise, and perhaps the surprise of others, Blake Lively’s new movie The Shallows has been getting pretty decent reviews. Though I had already declared it one of my favorite movies of the year simply because Blake Lively is in a bikini for the majority of the film, others seems to like it for reasons that don’t involve Blake Lively’s bikini. So, to celebrate the movie’s success, let’s all look at some sexy pictures of Blake Lively.

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Blake Lively Shark Movie? Sounds Awesome Bl6 featured

To be honest, we haven’t had a good summer movie about a shark in a very long time. Hopefully our prayers will be answered this summer with Blake Lively’s new summer shark movie The Shallows. And hey, even if the movie is downright awful, at least we will have seen Blake Lively in a bikini for a majority of the film.

Blake Lively’s Boobs Look Big, Like Really Big Xvxmc9ad featured

Now, I don’t know if it’s just been awhile seen I’ve seen Blake Lively in a bikini or something else, but her boobs look huge. Blake Lively’s breasts appear, to me anyway, to be way bigger than I remember.

Vivid Releases Its Annual List Of The "Most Wanted Sex Tape" Collegegirlsxxx 11 featured

Vivid Entertainment's bread and butter has been, and likely will always be the celebrity sex tape, and every year they release a list of their most wanted sex tapes. According to AVN, this year's list features no real surprises, but it's fantastically unrealistic as well, making it a great read...