Is Alexandra Daddario Just Going to Wear Bathing Suits Now? Alexandra daddario womens health magazine june 2017 1 06a4fcfe featured

With her starring role in the new Baywatch movie, I knew that we were going to be flooded with photo spreads and advertisements featuring Alexandra Daddario in sexy bathing suits, but I'm starting to get the feeling that she's not going to be wearing anything else for a good long awhile. I am totally okay with this.


Kelly Rohrbach Slips a Lip Out of Her Baywatch Suit Z0kac8z ea6e14c2 featured

As we all wait to see Kelly Rohrbach running in slow motion in a red one-piece bathing suit we can enjoy the many, many photo spreads that will come out of her in the Baywatch theme. And while I have very little doubt each and every one of the Baywatch spreads will be great, I believe this single picture will probably be the best Kelly Rohrbach red one-piece bathing suit pic of all time because of a lip slip.

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Here's an Early Present: "Baywatch" Trailer Full of Bouncing Boobs Baywatch alexandra daddario kelly rohrbach 235cf803 web featured

If you are one of those people who simply can't wait to open your presents (no matter the holiday), then may I present you with an early gif:; the trailer for the new Baywatch movie featuring Alexandra Daddario's bouncing boobs, Priyanka Chopra's bouncing boobs, and Kelly Rohrbach's bouncing boobs. Yeah, this one hell of a wonderful early present.

Prepare For the Glory That Is Kelly Rohrback's Boob Kr1 featured

If you weren’t already super excited to see Kelly Rohrback running down a beach in slow motion in a red bathing in the new Baywatch movie, then something is really wrong with you. But for everyone else who’s excitement grows by the day, here are sneak peeks at Kelly Rohrback’s wonderful boobs.

Flesh Links 5.4.16 Rosie jones lounging topless page 3 02 ffe4c4fe web featured

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There's Nothing Wrong With More Kelly Rohrbach In Bathing Suits Kr4 featured

It can be so easy to be typecast in Hollywood these days. You play one particular type of role and then you are forever stuck being that one thing.

Meet the New C.J. Parker, Kelly Rohrbach Wqdgsnwi featured

When I heard they were making Baywatch movie (not sure if that’s a remake or a re-boot) staring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson I was totally cool with it because he’s so awesome. My only worry was who would play the role of CJ Parker made famous by Pamela Anderson. Well, my fears are now pushed aside because model and actress Kelly Rohrbach has landed the role.

Hotness Runs In The Cornish Family Isa  6  featured

We all know that Abbie Cornish is really damn hot, so it really isn’t that surprising to find out that her sister, Isabelle Cornish, is also really damn hot. Hotness probably runs in the Cornish fan. That’s not a bad gene to have.

Angela Simmons Does A Great Baywatch Impression Angela simmons 5 featured

If you were alive in the 1990s then you grew up loving a certain show about lifeguards called Baywatch. Thanks to that show you now have a fondness for blondes with big boobs and red one-piece swimsuits. So for all of you Baywatchers out there here is a real treat for you, Angela Simmons in a one-piece swimsuit.

Natalee From MTV Wales "The Valley" Shows Her New Boobs "Baywatch" Style Screen shot 2014 06 09 at 3.05.25 pm featured

We had no idea that there was a show on MTV's England programing called "The Valley," which features the hottest babes in Wales. That makes us wail from both our mouth and penis. But we've remedied that situation thanks to Zoo magazine, which has just posted a clip of one of the show's stars, Natalee, and her bouncing boobs in a slo-mo "Baywatch"-style swimsuit.