Aubrey O’Day Really Isn't Dressed Ao 4fe80d85 featured

If you want to get technical, then yes Aubrey O'Day is "dressed". She does, in fact, have on a pair of shorts that are held together by string and prayer, but in all actuality, she is not dressed. There is no way she could go into any business with this ensemble on and get service. Wait, I take that back, Aubrey O’Day can wear this outfit wherever the hell she wants and I'm sure we'd be tripping over ourselves to help.

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Not Sure How That Bra Is Working, Aubrey O'Day Ao e35312b0 featured

Of all the modern marvels in the world, the one that puzzles me the most is this bra Aubrey O'Day is wearing. I have no idea how it's staying on her massive boobs. I assume it has some kind of clasp or hook in the back, but that doesn't seem like it would be enough to hold back all that glorious boob. Science, it's so amazing at times.


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Can Aubrey O'Day Make a Statue Harder? Ao a2deb457 featured

There's that old philosophical question, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" While I get the purpose of the question, I'm wondering if maybe we should update it a little bit. For example, "If a statue is already hard, does it get harder if Aubrey O'Day is rocking a sexy one-piece near it?"


Is There a Bathing Suit That Doesn't Look Sexy on Aubrey O’Day? Ao3 d39f2a7a featured

Overalls - I can't pull them off. No matter how I try them, no matter what is on underneath them, it's just not the look for me. I can't pull them off. And that's typical. There is one style of clothing that, no matter how hard we try, we can't pull off. Unless you're Aubrey O'Day - then there is no such thing as a bathing suit that isn't sexy.


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Does Aubrey O'Day Love Being Cold? Ao featured

You know the last time I saw Aubrey O'Day she was rocking a rather skimpy bikini talking about the warm California weather, but now she appears to very cold. I have no idea what the weather is like in California (other than dry), but I would hate to live some where with such drastic weather shifts.

Aubrey O'Day Tipping Her Hat In A Bikini Is A Kind Gesture Ao featured

Back in the day when everyone wore hats, a tip of the hat was a kind gesture you gave someone.

Aubrey O'Day's Bikini Clad Booty Just Keeps on Getting Hotter Aubrey oday sexy bikini ass photo featured

There's just something about a fantastic ass that has a way of taking you to a much happier place. The desire to cuddle up next to a big round booty is just something that can't be tamed. In this case, that ass in question is most definitely Aubrey O'Day's and we can't help but notice that her fine ass bikini clad booty just keeps on getting hotter with time!

Aubrey O'Day Has Mastered the Art of Sexy Selfies Post2 featured

Aubrey O'Day and that insatiably sexy bod of hers have been seriously on point lately.

Just In Case You Forgot, Aubrey O'Day Has a Great Ass 1 featured

When someone, anyone for that matter, has a perfect ass, it's fairly tough to forget it's magnificence. But just in case you some how neglected to remember the beautifulness that is Aubrey O'day's booty, here's a quick reminder from Instagram.

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Aubrey O'Day Might Just Be The Perfect Valentine Screen shot 2015 02 20 at 10.43.16 am featured

Have you ever considered what/who your perfect Valentine would be? If you're thinking chocolates and romance, then you're in the wrong place! We're all about a Valentine that's down to share a little bit of skin, and given these photos that Aubrey O'Day took this past Valentines day we're fairly certain that she may be the perfect Valentine! Plus, she has incredible tits. Incredible tits are always a must!

In Case You Forgot Aubrey O'Day Had Awesome Cleavage Screen shot 2014 12 01 at 11.51.08 am featured

In case you forgot that Aubrey O'Day has some marvelous cleavage, she took to instagram to send out an instant remind that she does, in fact, have some really great cleavage

Aubrey O’Day Arrives at the Danity Kane Album Release Party Wearing a Sexy Boob-Baring Dress Aubreyodaydanitykanealbumrelease1 featured

After all of the drama that went down back in August with Dawn Richards punching her in the back of the head, I won't lie and say that I don't find it surprising that Aubrey O'Day is still such a huge supporter of Danity Kane. Now I won't lie, there was a solid month in which Damaged was my workout song of choice, but come on! It would be completely okay to just cut ties already.