Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With Presidential Last Names Kerrywashington djangounchained hd 07 infobox 92411c99 featured

As we celebrate those who have served in the highest office in the land, it's important to remember the difficulty and honor that comes with being President of the United States of America. Whether they were great leaders in times of crisis, fantastic policymakers, or too fat to get out of the bathtub, being the president is not for everyone. So, to honor all the great Presidents, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With Presidential Last Names.

Top Ten Hottest Celebrities With the Same First and Last Initial Carpenter bound 755517 infobox 903af660 featured

Your initials are probably something you don't spend that much time thinking about unless they spell something funny like A.S.S. or W.E.T. But for some people, the initials are almost as important as the name. At least we think that's the case because we all know someone who has the same first and last initial. Whether it's on purpose or not, one thing we know for sure is there are quite a few hotties out there with the same first and last initial, so let's count them down.


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Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born In August Halle berry 976f7d infobox 92d4246e featured

For people born in the month of August, odds are they tend to be pretty loyal to their friends, they have no problem stepping into a leadership position, and generally have a pretty good outlook on life. And of course, if you happen to be born in August you also might be pretty damn hot. Here are the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Born in August.

Top Ten Hottest Highest Paid Actresses Jenniferlawrence esquirephotoshoot hd 5 infobox b294ecb3 featured

Being at the top of your game is about more than just a paycheck. And for these actresses listed on the Forbes highest paid actresses in Hollywood list, it's a combination of talent, skill, ability, and some stunning good looks. Each of these actresses have made us laugh, cry, cringe, and cheer. In honor of their brilliance and stunning good looks, let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Highest Paid Actresses.


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First up on the Mr. Skin Minute, the actress Amy Adams stars in the sci-fi space odyssey Arrival, but you're going to want to check out her amazing rack in the 2013 David O. Russell movie American Hustle! Ruby Modine shows off her truly amazing pair in the Showtime series Shameless, and the French bio drama The Young Pope brings the greatest double penetration in television history, featuring the gorgeous Rayna Tharani. Right in the Poper!

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Still the Highest Paid Actress . . . No Shit Jenniferlawrence esquirephotoshoot hd 5 infobox featured

Once again, it’s time to file something away in the “No Shit” file because Forbes has come out with their highest paid actress list and once again Jennifer Lawrence tops the list. Now, let’s all say it together – no shit.

I Wish the "Batman v Superman" Extended Edition Was Just More Gal Gadot And Amy Adams Gal gadot 371709 infobox featured

I’ll be honest, as much as I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I simply could not bring myself to buy a ticket for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I really don’t want to encourage Zack Synder. But I will admit that I’m totally going to watch the extended DVD in the hopes all the added material will be of Gal Gadot kicking ass and Amy Adams taking baths.

Amy Adams Is Doing an HBO Series, So That Means She'll Be Topless Right? Adams american hustle 735797 infobox featured

Not that anyone needs any more motivation to watch a new series of HBO, but Amy Adams is has signed on to play the lead in the upcoming series Sharp Objects. Once again HBO is proving it’s not TV, it’s a gift for the heavens.

Is There Some Accidental Amy Adams Nudity in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"? Landscape 1458813554 tv graham norton show amy adams featured

If you have read a single review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you are probably struggling to find a valid reason to waste your money on that film. Well, what if I told you there is catch: You might get to see Amy Adams nude in the film. Would that make you buy a ticket?

What's the Best Part of Summer? Amy Adams' Cleavage Aa6 featured

As the warm days of spring and summer approach, we all start thinking about our favorite things to do on a bright, sunny day. Some like to sit in the grass while reading a book, while others prefer a nice cookout with friends and family. As for me, nothing beats staring at Amy Adams' cleavage while she gazes towards the horizon.

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Amy Adams Is One Stunningly Beautiful Woman Aa2 featured

If for someone unknown, unexplainable reason Amy Adams hasn’t won you over yet, please, please, please take a few moments to gaze upon her beauty and let her into your heart. Seriously, Amy Adams is by far one of the most stunning beauties the world as ever seen.

It Is Really Wonderful to See Amy Adams' Cleavage Aa4 featured

Oh, hello, Amy Adams' cleavage—I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever. You look like you are doing well. I’m so happy you honored us with your presence.

Why Must You Tease Us Amy Adams? Aa  11  featured

Oh, Amy Adams why must you tease us so? We all know you have a beautiful body underneath that white beach dress. Sure, you may be worried about getting a sunburn, but surely you could show off your amazing body in a two-piece just for a minute. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?