Amber Rose Shares Love of Gangbangs, Porn on RuPaul’s Podcast Dgy2ikluqaalxyx 9c559e91 featured

Amber wants two boyfriends!

Damn, Amber Rose. Damn. 071786549 amberrosepic5 123 227lo a234c458 featured

Once again I find myself in that familiar place, that frustrating and yet so enjoyable position. I’m at a loss for words. Yes, I’m staring at such an amazing sight, a beautiful image, something that is not only breathtaking but word-taking. And in these moments, there is only one thing to say… Damn, Amber Rose. Damn.  


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Is Amber Rose in Hawaii or Is Her Cleavage Just Celebrating Hawaii? Ar1 a91dc2c7 featured

Having been lucky enough in my life to have visited one of the Hawaiian Islands, I know the extreme pleasure and joy that comes from being there. I'm never surprised when everyone, including celebrities, rushes there for vacations. It pretty much is paradise on earth. But I'm having trouble figuring out if Amber Rose is actually on vacation in Hawaii or just rocking a Hawaiian bikini for fun.

Who's The Hottest?!? MTV Music Video Awards Edition Screen shot 2016 08 29 at 11.04.00 am featured

Normally when someone says, "Man, it's been forever since we ______," it really hasn't been that long. But this time, I honestly and truly mean it, man, it's been forever since we got to play a round of "Who's The Hottest?!?" Seriously, I can feel everyone's excitement from here. And what better way to bring back a classic then with one of the classic award shows: The 2016 MTV Music Video Awards.

Amber Rose Lets a Nip Slip in the Name of Her Slut Walk Amberrose featured

Few celebrities tout the phrase "my body, my decision" quite like Amber Rose, and for that, we are grateful.

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Amber Rose Can Wear Whatever She Wants, Wherever She Wants Amber rose in tight jumpsuit  01 featured

For a moment, a split second, I asked myself where on earth could Amber Rose be going in this skin-tight outfit, but just as quickly as that question popped into my head the answer was right behind it. Where is Amber Rose going on this outfit? The answer is wherever the hell she wants.

Amber Rose's Cleavage Is Great, but What About the Amber Rose Sex Toy? Ar1 featured

Yes, Amber Rose has some amazing cleavage and it looks great when she's wearing a bikini, but has anybody heard whether or not there will be an Amber Rose prostate massager?

An Amber Rose Tweet Might Lead to an Amber Rose Sex Toy Rose inside amy schumer 762382 featured

If you’ve ever wanted to have Amber Rose’s finger up your ass, you might be in luck.

Amber Rose's Sideboob and Ass Look Great on a Pool Table Screen shot 2016 01 11 at 5.42.35 pm featured

Pool was a game that I could never get into.

Amber Rose Goes Iconic for Paper Mag, Still Finds Time to Grab Own Ass Amber rose paper 2 featured

Not that Amber Rose really needs a reason to grab her ass—if she wants to grab it in the name of feminism, I’m totally cool with that. Amber Rose can do anything she wants in the name of feminism and I have a feeling those who don’t believe in feminism will change their minds.

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How Is It Amber Rose Can Be This Sexy In The Morning? Screen shot 2015 12 03 at 12.26.30 pm featured

You know what, I give up on life. I do, I really do give up on everything. You know why? I’ll tell you why because if this is how Amber Rose looks in the morning then there is no point going on. Amber Rose, fresh out of bed, still in her nightgown looks way too sexy to keep on living.

Amber Rose, Once Again, Is the Center of Attention Amber rose 111215 featured

I dare you to try and say you can look away from Amber Rose when she wears a see-through top that shows off her nipple.

Amber Rose in A Mesh Dress Will Be the Center of Attention Mtm0mzuwmdmyntg4nty2ndk4 featured

When going out, we often not only dress for success, but we dress to impress. Looking amazing makes a great first impression, and a great way to stand out in a crowd. But if you happen to be going to the same place as Amber Rose when she’s wearing a mesh dress that is completely see-through, you might as well just wear a matching track suit because no one is going to look at you.