All We Want To Do Is Watch Amber Heard Hump People

We don’t even much care who she’s humping, we just want to watch her back arch and her ass flex—even if it’s encased in denim, we’ll ogle it hardcore. Anyway, today she’s humping Johnny Depp, and he’s pretty good looking, too. It’s slightly too dark to see what’s going on... read more

Even More Reason To Ogle Amber Heard’s Boobs

We’ve long had a love affair with (or at least intense admiration for) Amber Heard’s boobs. But we must admit, as much as we’ve oohed and ahhed over them, we’d never suspected that they could pull off this level of cleavage. How has she done it? Magic? Extra padding? A deal with the devil? We’re... read more

The Boobs (Of Amber Heard) Are Back In Town

True, it’s not like they were gone all that long—we did just see them in “The River Why”—but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a hero’s welcome upon their return to Fleshbot. Let us all salute the glorious topless victory of Amber Heard (and say a prayer of thanks to Tasya Van Ree... read more

"The River Why" Magnifies Amber Heard’s Boobs

Rivers are like people: they have different personalities, goals, and unique ways of expressing themselves. We’re happy to see that this river is all about Amber Heard’s boobs. We have so much in common! Then again, that river is way more baller than we are. Sure, we can show you Amber Heard’s boobs just as... read more

Amber Heard Finally Exposes More Flesh

We haven’t seen a new Amber Heard nude scene since July 2010—and we’re not going to lie, we’re going through a bit of withdrawal. Will we ever see Ms. Heard’s beautiful, unclothed body again? Probably, but until then, we’re going to be savoring this exposed cleavage like it’s the last drop... read more

More Love For Amber Heard

Recently, actress Amber Heard came out as a lesbian. Though our ladybits are pleased to know we have (more of) a shot with Amber, if she keeps taking hot photos, she could be a sharkosexual for all we care.... read more

Amber Heard Shines Bright In "The Joneses"

Back in April, we heard a rumor that Amber Heard (aka the girl who made “The Informers” worth watching) would be showing off again in “The Joneses.” Well, it wasn’t just a rumor: we have the clip, and she does. It’s not quite as sexy as her “Informers” performance (what is?), but... read more

Amber Heard To Grace Us With Even More Movie Nudity

In “The Informers,” Amber Heard graced us with one of the most memorable movie nude scenes of 2009 (see it above). Thankfully, she’s not just a one hit wonder—it seems she’s also nude in 2010′s “The Joneses.” Early reports indicate that it’s “a small nude scene where she... read more

More Scenes From “The Informers”: Amber Heard’s Awesome, Unsung Naked Performance

Whatever happened to “The Informers”? The redband trailer was released to a flurry of excitement back in January, we caught a glimpse of the action in April, and then…nothing. How could nudity this good go unheralded by the media? Where’s the kudos? Where’s the celebration of Amber Heard‘s... read more

Topless Amber Heard Gyrates Her Way Into Our Hearts In "The Informers"

When we saw the redband trailer for “The Informers” last January, we were excited: now we’ve seen a clip from the movie, and we’re even more excited. In short: Amber Heard is amazing. We can only imagine what sort of plot twists would be required to place these characters in this exact situation, but we think... read more

Amber Heard Provides Even More Toplessness To Boob-Hungry Moviegoers

Were you disappointed by Gwyneth Paltrow’s uniboob in “Two Lovers”? There, there… Amber Heard is here for you. From what we see in the redband trailer, the model/actress spends most of “The Informers” topless. Finally, a reason to go see a movie based on a book by Bret Easton Ellis! (Oh, we kid,... read more