Alia Shawkat Shows Some Nice Boob in Her Nude Debut Alia shawkat f37725 infobox 4312239c featured

There is nothing quite like the first time someone gets nude on camera, whether it's someone you knew would get nude all along or it's a bit of a surprise, like when Alia Shawkat showed off her awesome boobs on Transparent (2014-2017). Didn't think it's something that would happen, but I'm sure glad it did.


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We love Lady Gaga! 

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Top Ten Hottest Celebs Who Always Play Best Friends Greer adaptation hd n 03 infobox featured

In the world of Hollywood it is very easy for someone to get typecast, especially when it comes to the quirky, slightly odd, most humorous, possibly drunk, and very motherly best friend. Which can be a same because of most, if not all, of these beautiful ladies could very well be the leading lady. So, to honor those who are always the bridesmaid, we put together a list of the Top Ten Best Friends.