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I know we are all still a little hungover from the party-fest that is October 4th, otherwise known as the holiday of holidays - National Golf Day - but there is still work to be done. So, let's put away the golf-themed novelty drinks and the plaid shorts until next year. And by work, I mean let's count down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities Who Golf.


Hypnotized By Aimee Garcia's Flexing Ass

Man, we would have so much fun being rich. For example, if we had stacks on stacks on stacks, we would pay Aimee Garcia to hang out and grind on things with her magical ass clenching and flexing and quaking to the beat. What beat? We don't know, man; pick a song to go with our fantasy world.

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Aimee Garcia And A Hot Soccer Mom Bring Us Back To "Dexter"

No joke, Victoria Vertuga's character is called "Hot Soccer Mom" in the script. Why mince words? She is what she is (or plays, whatever). And Jamie (Aimee Garcia) is banging Quinn and nearly, almost, so damn close to orgasming in front of us, if it weren't for Quinn's workaholic brain.