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Alicia Vikander Would Be The Sexiest Of Cowboys

Well, now my heart only wants one thing in the whole entire world; Alicia Vikander to be in a movie where she is a cowboy (or cowgirl, whatever you want to call it doesn't matter to me). Yep this photo spread has my mind racing with images of a sexy Alicia Vikander wearing cowboy boots, shooting guns, and have a soak in one of those giant tubs you always see in Westerns.

Surely there is something out there for her, there has to be someone that is sitting on a female lead Western. There is no doubt, whatsoever, that Alicia Vikander could pull it off. She's amazing, she's super talented, and even if it wasn't her best performance you toss in a naked Alicia Vikander and you've got yourself a surefire hit. I know I'd see it on the big screen and then on the blu-ray followed by the special edition blu-ray of Alicia Vikander's sexy cowboy movie. I'm telling you Alicia Vikander would be a great sexy cowboy.

Or you know, Alicia Vikander could just wear more cowboy hats or something. She looks really beautiful, but then again, she's Alicia Vikander she always looks beautiful. That's why we love her so damn much.

photos via ELLE Magazine UK-Australia

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