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Kissa Is Doing It All For Jules Jordan Video

Porn beauty Kissa Sins has signed a 25 scene contract for Jules Jordan Video and for the first time, she will be doing scenes with male performers other than her husband Johnny Sins. I checked in with her on this big, porn changing deal and what it means to her.


First off, congrats on your many nominations! How does it feel having those pretty epic honors given to you?

"It feels amazing!! I’m nominated for 12 awards all together between AVN and XBIZ which isn’t bad for living in Hawaii and not shooting for half the qualifying year. Happy to be living back in Vegas now to concentrate on my company SinsLife.com and shooting for my new contract with Jules Jordan!!!"

What do you love most about Jules Jordan video as a company?

"I love his style!! I love gonzo porno and I love his slutty porn star outfits but my favorite thing about Jules is that he’s going to let my sexuality be its insane self... he won’t hold me back from being the crazy performer I am....I even love cum in my eyes and Jules loves it!!!"

You have a twenty-five scene contract with Jules Jordan. What and/or who is at the top of your to-do list for him?

"I have always wanted to get fucked by 2 guys at once and I’ve always wanted to fuck a black guy!! I think I’m most excited about Dredd. :)"

What made this the right time for this big career move?

"Lately I’ve been having insane dreams about getting fucked by multiple guys and it’s been driving me crazy so finally after over 3 years in porn, I decided to let my sexuality run free!! Here is my YouTube video describing it."

What do you love most about your marriage to Johnny?

"Johnny is my best friend!! I love that I can tell him anything and he never gets mad at me. We just figure shit out together. And he has an amazing cock!! It’s like dating a sex toy but the sex toy is a really nice guy ha, ha. I love bringing all my friends home to fuck him!!!"

What do you love most about being directed by Jules Jordan?

"Jules is a great friend of mine and we are extremely perverted together he’s fun. He loves watching me get fucked!! Here is my YouTube reaction video the night after my first ever scene getting fucked by another guy in porn."

What porn career firsts can we expect to see during your time with Jules Jordan?

"My first time fucking another guy in almost 5 years, my first time fucking a black man, my first time getting fucked in the ass, my first time getting DP’d!! I’ve only ever fucked 4 guys in my entire life so it should be a wild ride!!!"

What do you hope happens from this major change in your career?

"I feel like my sexuality has been growing and growing like a monster ever since I met Johnny and he turned my out sexually ha, ha. I want my sexuality to explode!!!"

What else is coming up for you?

"Lots of things!! I have a very successful clothing line which recently just took off with the sudden success of my YouTube channel and I have my own production company too!! So, I guess I’m just sinning all over the place!! LOL!"

Is there anything you would like to say directly to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanks for waiting so long to see me fuck other guys. I’ll be a huge whore for you all!!!!!!!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Sins Life. Click right here to watch "Sins Life: Sex Tour Round 4" right now!  

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